2 x Pizza Hut codes (free medium cheese pizza with any large purchase)

GESAUTOEGE154ML?V where ? = 2+2.

GESAUTO7VQMB?VBUU where ? = 1+1.

Got these codes from doing Pizza Hut feedback surveys. 1 free medium cheese pizza with any large pizza purchase. They cannot be used with other codes or vouchers.

Personal pan = 6 inches
Medium/medium pan = 9 inches
Large/large pan = 11 inches

So ignoring toppings preferences and going purely on size, a medium is ~67% of a large.

No idea if they're one or multi use. Probably the former since they were given privately in an email and are different as well.

As of posting, there are still 2 codes for 30% off large and 1 for free garlic bread with a large purchase.

Might have a 3rd one to give away later.

Edit 09 December 2019:

One more: GESAUTOQWUXPQ?LEV where ? = 2+2.

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