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Xiaomi Active Noise Cancelling Earphones Type-C Version (Black) $41.65 AUD ($28.79 USD) Delivered at AliExpress


Seems to be much cheaper than Gearbest ($49.99 USD + shipping) and Geekbuying (~$48 USD) Reviews look good on the listing. I have ordered myself a pair so hope they are genuine, as always use a credit/debit card that will back you in the case they are counterfeit.

Type: in-ear headphones
Connectivity: USB Type-C
Cord length: 1.25m
Dynamic range: 5—40000Hz
Impedance: 32Ohm
Sensitivity: 25dB
Color: black
Weight: 20 g

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    For that price, I'd wait for the Taotronics TT-BH042 bluetooth ANC earbuds to go on sale again.


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      Yeah honestly I dislike the look of the neck wraparound. Each to their own.


        if you have an adapter from type-c or have a headphone jack on your phone, the TT-TP002 and TT-TP001 are pretty good and cheaper.

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    The NC on these are almost non-existent. Don't recommend..

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      Get some Comply tips, and these are pretty good.

      Obviously not as good as the Sony gen3, but no battery needed, and a lot smaller.


        Does not make any sense that an active noise cancelling headphone does not need battery. Are you saying not using the active noise cancelling function from the phone and only rely on the comply tips..then why buying this one?


          These earphones draw power from the USB-C port for noise cancelling, so a battery is not needed.

          However, I did read that that the non-USB-C version of these sound better and the controls work on more phones but YMMV.


            @ScumbagSteveo: makesense that way but limit it usage. Better get something let the Taotronics TT-EP02 with an adapter. I use my bose QC20 half of the time not connecting to anything, just to cancelling out noise.

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      i've got the 3.5mm version of these and the usb-c version and I find the usb-c version to be miles better than the 3.5mm. When I click the nc switch, there is a noticeable difference. The 3.5mm ones a pretty shit in comparison, I have a feeling people may be getting different quality units.


        do you have any other ANC buds you can compare them to like Sony or Bose?


          No I've only got the Sony xm3s. For ear buds i was pretty impressed with them. I had a samsung note 8 and the microphone didnt work but now ive got a note 10+ and it works fine. For the price I think they are pretty good.


        I have both 3.5mm and type c version and type c noise cancellation is defiNitely better than 3.5mm. However the 3.5mm sound much better than the type c due to the fact that type c has nonexistent bass.

        But eventually I just moved onto QC20s.
        And while those are much more expensive, it's cheaper than throwing $100 at these xiaomis then move onto these qc20s or other higher end NC buds.


          can you compare the ANC of the QC20s and the Xiaomis? How close are they to the QC20s? Those things cost $300. I used to have one until someone stole it.


    does it come with an inbuilt voice redirect to china?


    Just a heads-up, USB-C audio is… scattered when it comes to physical specs, and Pixel phones (and some HTC and some others) don't have a built-in DAC in the phone itself and requires that the earphones/headphones have this chip. I've bought quite a few USB-C earphones that don't have this, and so even though the connector is fine (USB-C), they don't work with my Pixel.

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