[XB1] Free - Minion Masters Crystal Conquest DLC (Base Game Is Also Free) - Microsoft Store


Pretty nice freebie for those of you who play and like this game.

From the description:

Get the new $15 Crystal Conquest DLC at a -100% Discount! Minion Masters is free to play, and for just this week you can get the DLC as well. Crystal Conquest is the Faction Box for starting or expanding your Crystal Elf faction collection. This is a great +300% value bundle of Crystal Elf cards, including the powerful commander Lord-Sentinel Thelec (Legendary!) and 2 exclusive Crystal Elf cosmetics.
- 3x Lord-Sentinel Thelec (Legendary)
- 5x Guardian (Supreme)
- 20x Crystal Arcanist
- 40x Arcane Ring
- 40x Crystal Archers
- 5x Power Tokens (Get 5 extra random surprises)
- 1x exclusive Legendary Crystal Elf Avatar - Animated!
- 1x exclusive Legendary Crystal Elf Emote - Animated!

The Crystal Elves use overwhelming force from a distance, and hidden safely behind huge golems. Lord-Sentinel Thelec fields a whole battalion of his own if you bring enough spells. The bulky Guardian takes all the damage from your Crystal Arcanist and Crystal Archers so they can bring the pain. Use Arcane Ring to punish anyone who tries to get too close. With this Faction Box, you have the perfect kit to begin your watch as a Crystal Elf Conqueror. Aldaani’dueth!


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