[WA] Best Price for a 2019 Toyota Prado GXL Auto

Hello all, I am in the market for a Prado GXL due to growing family and other needs.

Toyota is currently running an EoY? promo $65,990 drive away (GXL plain) and $66,590 with metallic paint.

Curious to know if there is a better deal somewhere in WA or the price can be further negotiated.

Also not sure when the 2020 model will come out, what do you think of the price going to be?

Any comment will be appreciated.

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    Of course a better price can be negotiated.

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    Spackbace will be awake soon


    Twiddles thumbs waiting for Spackbace to show up

    I assume you can offer them an OzB discount?


    2020 models would already be released. It would just be a case of finding stock. Hence why they are trying to shift 2019 stock

    Price on Toyota's site is $67,553 for non-metallic paint from Perth. So, you are saving $1,500 on an old stock vehicle.

    There certainly would be a lot more wiggle room on a 2019 than a 2020, but you might find you have less choice of colour. I would imagine they would have white ones coming out their wazoo because of the mining industry.

    *chews gum till spackbace gets here*

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    Buy a slightly older model. The 150 series has been out since 2010… The features on the newer models are minimal and you can save a lot on buying a slightly older model. The newer models IMO are worse because they run the less powerful 2.8L diesel engine (2015 model onwards). I have an older petrol model and I upgraded the stereo and roof rack and bullbar etc all the other features myself.


      the less powerful 2.8L diesel engine

      What are you smoking?


      127kw vs 130kw
      410Nm (@ 2800 RPM) vs 450Nm (@ 2400 RPM)

      2.8T is the better engine.


        A lot of people who buy the newer models still report that the newer models feel slower and more sluggish contrary to what the power figures say. It depends also what you use it for towing a lot as to how it performs. I have the V6 model which has more power so I don't see any issues however they stopped making the petrol model.


    PM sent :)


      Thanks for the info provided mate. Seems price of a Prado is solid..


        Price you've been quoted is basically cost price for a demo, and you're getting a new plate for that.

        I can't do anything on that and I'd suggest you grab it, if that price is legitimate.

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