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Use the discount code "POSTMAN" on orders at checkout to get Free Shipping. Selected in-stock products only, exclusions apply. In-stock products relates to products that are held in a Kogan Warehouse, where Kogan.com is the seller. In-stock products does not relate to Kogan.com Marketplace products. Free Shipping is not applicable to commercial or wholesale orders, or orders to delivery addresses outside mainland Australia (Free Shipping is applicable to Tasmania). Kogan.com reserves the right to not ship to some remote or rural locations. Offer ends 11 December 2019 at 11:59pm (AEDT) unless extended. Discount codes cannot be used with any other offers.

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  • +3 votes

    Code works for the 10000mAh 18W PD Powerbank $25

      • +1 vote

        No free shipping on that one ):


          Damn, really wanted that 1500mAh 18W pd for $25 delivered.

          Now I know why they have the 10000mAh 18W pd model at different price points for the same model. Good way to get around the free delivery codes for low cost items that could end up below cost after factoring in the delivery costs for Australia,….unless your Amazon and can get huge government subsidies of course lol.

    • +1 vote

      "Q3211" After getting two of these for $19 delivered each, really hard to bring myself to spend $25 now, although I really want another one ( gave my silver one away as gift ).

      These are really good and worth this price ( and even more ), as I was pleasantly surprised that this can even charge up one of my laptops via PD all the way down to empty, great effort.

      Even the Cygnett 20000mAh PD can not charge one of my laptops, someone else had similar result, so check voltage and specs first before buying that one.

      • +1 vote

        I missed out last time to snag these at $19 delivered. With this Kogan 1st nonsense I doubt it will get that low. Maybe wait till Boxing Day Sales?

        Btw - Q3211 was my RuneScape tag back in the day. Its been some time since someone called me that - flashback to some better times :P


        is this one the same one but different style/color? , it's $19


        • +1 vote

          Can't speak for "Q3211" but the one(s) I got were the black and silver non textured models, same spec and made from aluminium. The one you linked with texture has same usb c pd 18W and all other specs the same, even the exact same weight, so not sure if the textured ones are also aluminium or plastic + texture is same weight, or they just duplicated specs.

          Textured one does not have free delivery, the $19 listing also not, but the $25 listing does, and the silver model always lately has Free Delivery ( all 3 also same spec ).

          • +2 votes

            @ozhunter68: The $19 one has one port less…..

            • +1 vote

              @techno2000: Good spotting, your right. I forgot about that ( easily missed ).

              Play it safe and go for the black $25 or silver $29 one as these are both fantastic.

              • +1 vote

                @ozhunter68: Bought it thanks for the advice :)


                  @rushjohn: Did you go for the $25 black one?


                    @ozhunter68: Yes that's right, what's difference between that and silver?


                      @rushjohn: Only the color and currently $4 more, normally without free delivery it could be similar price, depends on postcode. Enjoy.

                      • +1 vote

                        @ozhunter68: I got the 15000 mah for $25 with free delivery after i signed up for Kogan First trial.

                        First impressions are positive.

                        Size is smaller than i expected but quite heavy and love the metallic feel.
                        As for durability,only time will tell.

                        I was interested in knowing which is the original powerbank that Kogan is rebadging.

                        Unable to find any info from a quick search on google.

                        Should be able to buy it cheaper straight from china i would imagine although Kogan 1 year warranty might be useful if its not durable.


                          @techno2000: I enjoy reading most of the power bank posts here on OzBargain as well as watching some test reviews etc. In one of many of the Kogan Power Bank posts over the last year or so, someone linked to a Chinese Brand of Manufacturer/oem but I forgot which one.

                          I do remember seeing it was a decent brand with reasonable R & D department, and not some small back-yard operation, well, at least not from looking at their website lol.

                          Personally I would not bother ordering any cheap/low cost power banks direct from China/Hong Kong any more unless it's a huge savings or trying to get model not available here because of the Aust. Postal changes and extra mailing cost/problems.

                          I think you did really well getting a 15000mAh USB C pd 18W QC3 power bank locally with Aluminium build delivered for $25. Must be close to the price Chinese people would pay.

                          Enjoy :-)


    Where do you put the code in??

    • +2 votes

      In your Shopping Cart before you checkout.
      If there is no option to enter the code then the item does not qualify for the free shipping. I hope that helps!

  • +1 vote

    Are you the postman?


    Can you enter the code on mobile?


    can you only use it once on a single account?