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Free Shipping or $1.99 Express Shipping @ OzGameShop


Yes, this again.
Free shipping or $1.99 express shipping at ozgameshop.
Based in the UK.
As I stated last time and the time before, it's great for getting cheaper (imported) Switch games, especially the ones they don't sell hard copies of in Australia. Yes, they will play on Australian consoles.

Notable items:
RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventure Nintendo Switch Game: $48.99
My Time at Portia Xbox One: $26.99
Harvest Life Nintendo Switch Game: $36.04
Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition Nintendo Switch Game: $42.89

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    Free Shipping or $1.99 Express Shipping

    Any bargains though?

    Their games are usually way more expensive than other stores…


      They sell more than just games.

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      I buy lots of Switch games from them and, with the exception of first-party Nintendo titles, they are usually less expensive based on searches at https://comparegames.com.au.

      I primarily support them because of their customer service and the fact they they send factory-sealed titles (unlike the shucked titles which tend sold by EB and, increasingly, Amazon AU).

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        And they sell lots of hard copies I never see here. Like Shantae, Project Highrise, Overcooked 1 & 2 double pack.


          Agree. They have even helped me with TRAINWRECK titles like "Let's Sing 2020 with microphone" (bundle)

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      Yes and no. When it comes to less mainstream titles (not AAA) they are generally a fair bit cheaper than everywhere else. But yeh, with more popular titles they are like $10-$15 more expensive.


      They aren't. I often buy from there because they have the best price. Usually Japanese games.

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    I pretty much echo what everyone else here says.

    Only bought Baldurs Gate 1&2 (PS4) from them for $57.99. Beats paying $78 locally.


    Hey, I'm after a copy of a game that ozgameshop has at a good price, but it's the UK version, right? I know that the discs are region free, but if I want DLC later can I still buy the DLC on the australian playstation store if the game came from the UK?

    edit: I ask because I read somewhere a long time ago that DLC has to be bought from the same region the disc came from, but I don't know if that is true.


      I've bought PS4 & it was PAL & region free. I've also bought one which had season pass code inside & had no issues. Afaik only PS4 ones you can't buy are the PS+ or PS store credits as they are locked to UK psn.

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