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Barbie Dream Camper $55.20 Delivered @ Myer eBay

Great price ahead of Christmas, beating Amazon's $69 . Currently $80 at Target.

This amazing Barbie DreamCamper transforms from a camping RV into a campsite play set with room for Barbie doll and all of her sisters to sleep (dolls sold separately).

Designed in signature pink with rolling wheels, this camper opens to reveal so much more!

Simply press the button at the top of the vehicle to activate a magical feature: the side panel opens, the top pops up and the front and back of the camper expand to create a play space more than 2 feet long!

The open side becomes a pool with a water slide and stairs that fold out — fill to make waves of fun.

The interior offers dining under the stars — set up with the dining table and front vehicle seats that become two chairs.

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    Good Price 👍🏼

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    Just be prepared for this thing to take over your living room. Once expanded its huge.
    Also be prepared to vacuum up various tiny items for months.

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      it's not that big. Compared to the barbie house anyway :)

      there's lots of tiny items yes - even knives and forks which can attach to the barbie's fingers. If you have a kid that likes to eat toys then be careful.

      there's a common fault where the "shade" opens and flops all the way over. I returned one because of this but found it was a pretty easy fix with my second one. You push the base of the shade hard back into the body of the van and it opens normally. Just FYI for anyone.

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    i require Eneloops for scale.


    I remember hunting for a bargain for this about a decade ago when it first came out. The Miss Entropy’ps we’re desperate for it, and Santa was under orders. Its RRP back then was $149 but David Jones discounted to $99.
    It sits in the cupboard in a box nowadays.


    folks bought this for fiddy bucks? and here i wonder why Ryan Toys Review still yield that $$$

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    Back in stock


    Now…I know what my daughter is getting from Santa this Christmas 😉