Missing AusPost Parcel From China - What to Do?

Hi all

I was supposed to receive a parcel from China . The AusPost driver apparently attempted to deliver it but couldn't. They sent it to the post office with the card ( they didn't leave a card at my house)

When I went to the post office they said they don't have my parcel. I went twice and both times was told the same thing. I opened up a missing item case with AusPost. After I done that there was a new scan on the tracking from that post office saying "returned to sender".

The Post Office won't answer the phone when AusPost customer service call them and AusPost keep ignoring my missing item case and marking it as "resolved" (I keep re opening it)

Has anyone had this happen to them, what happened? And how much compensation can I get?

Thank you

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    You should be able to get a few $,000's for compensation for your pain and suffering. You just need to write them a letter outlining your anguish. Worked for me.


    Australia Post customer service on the help line is very bad, and you will get a different response each time you ring up.

    When they mark it as resolved what outcome are they saying? That will influence on whether you can claim or not.

    Did you pay via paypal?

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    My parcel from NSW to QLD just arrived in QLD, then got shipped to Tasmania……..THey are doing a bang up job old Aus Post

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      I've had similar cases where the parcel disappears for a week, opened a case and it's found in WA.

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    I think Australia Post compensates sender not recipient.


    You should have tipped your Aus Post parcel guy.


    If the item has a log that checked into your nearby post office, maybe you can talk to them, and have them print and certified the latest update. You can forward this to the seller, and have them mail it again.


    It's the season to not let scammers get away with it.. Just tell them send another one and if the original one turns up you will return it.. I'm sure 1 of 100,000 units won't send them broke.

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    Are you sure it went to the LPO?

    My LPO only takes smaller items. Anything bigger than 10cmx10cmx10cm goes to the bigger AusPost in the next suburb


    Sender has to request a case with Auspost. Since its a China item, request a refund as the tracking states not delivered, and move on.

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    The case is marked as revolved because it was "returned to sender". The only thing you can do is to ask the sender for a refund (or get it resent) once they receive it


    This is also a common Chinese scam. They purposely put the wrong address on a fake item expecting it to be returned, just so they can mark it as sent.

    Before you realise it, they've run off with your money.

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