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I've had it every month but didn't get it this month for July
01/07/2024 - 13:02
I rarely pay full retail for things but I had been wanting a good Daytona style Seiko for a long time and jumped when Seiko decided to…
12/06/2024 - 14:53
I paid full retail for mine (over $1k) on the first day of release because I couldn't wait for the price to come down 🙄
12/06/2024 - 12:05
You need to buy a second pair of scissors to open the packaging of the first pair
15/05/2024 - 01:37
Does this include posting items to overseas locations?
04/05/2024 - 01:02
Another advantage with ebay is you tend to get a higher sale price. Sometimes even with the fees included, you would get more money than…
30/04/2024 - 02:07
Statistically speaking, most people won't ever need it. If a lot of people needed it, this type of product wouldn't exist because it…
29/04/2024 - 02:37
Aramex reviews: 1.6 stars on Google with 715 reviews. 1.2 stars on product reviews with 6416 reviews Australia Post reviews: 1.3 stars on…
23/04/2024 - 12:29
Lost packages will happen with every courier company. Its not a conspiracy
23/04/2024 - 12:15
> Should I begin diversifying my portfolio VDHG already covers everything. The point of it is so you don't have to buy anything else. If…
03/04/2024 - 01:05
Plus this thing moves a lot more air than a traditional $50 fan while being smaller
12/03/2024 - 13:24
If it were me, I wouldn't try to time the market and leave it in to compound. Peter Lynch's Magellan Fund was the top performing fund for…
12/03/2024 - 02:05
11/03/2024 - 03:52
Tee Mu
28/02/2024 - 02:40
> Your odds of winning division 1 are 1 in 134,490,400. So you're saying there's a chance?
22/01/2024 - 02:58
I work at Coles and this scenario would likely happen if the customer processes the fruit/vege without putting it in the bagging area, then…
21/09/2023 - 01:16
They might do it if they believe someone is impersonating the OP and trying to access the funds using stolen login credentials. Another…
05/09/2023 - 02:54
They are doing it to protect your account. So many people here against kyc, and yet we also have many people that like to blame the banks…
02/09/2023 - 22:28
Are their hot dogs made from real dog meat?
18/08/2023 - 01:32
How about using a magnetic mount?
15/08/2023 - 02:13
Harder to flip inside out in strong winds
20/06/2023 - 01:59
They can
16/04/2023 - 01:00
Sellers can leave positive feedback but they can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers
15/04/2023 - 00:08
By fake, do you mean that its not officially licensed? Hasbro has an official licensed version
01/04/2023 - 00:59
One tip as there are many people mistaking this for ice cream. This is a sorbet product (contains no dairy), not ice cream. It tastes…
31/03/2023 - 01:56
In the toilet
13/03/2023 - 19:42
Have you looked at the size? The one in this deal is 1.1kg...
07/03/2023 - 15:33
Which Lego forums do you use to sell?
22/02/2023 - 01:18