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Canon EOS R Digital SLR Camera Body $1993.10 ($1893.10 with Canon Cashback) @ Harvey Norman


Original Coupon Deal
Credit to djfish31 for the HN 5% code https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/504818
This has to be the best value full frame camera at the moment and the lowest net price ever for a Canon EOS R. Canon's unique 5 year warranty is not to be sneezed at either.

Canon's spiel:
The Canon EOS R Camera Body Only offers a mirrorless design, fast autofocus performance, and a wide ISO sensitivity range, letting you capture your favourite moments with breathtaking clarity. It has easily customisable buttons and main dials for ease of use and an intuitive lens control ring for simply adjusting its shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, and ISO to suit your photography needs.

ALSO Canon EOS RP Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with RF 24-240mm IS USM Lens $1915.30 net after 5% discount and $150 cash back
This is the best budget full frame bundle deal at the moment (if not ever, the lens alone RRP $1695!). The bundle could be a price mistake because no other store have price anywhere that close ($2699 from other Aust stores). A similar bundle with other brands would be $3000 plus.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    The lens price would be right. It isn't an L lens, but standard consumer lens.


      I was referring to the total bundle price being a possible price mistake…as the nearest price is $2999 for the same bundle from other Aust stores.


        so was I. Nobody would ever pay anywhere near RRP for that lens. Half of that is about right.


    Technically the R is not a digital SLR, but rather a mirrorless full frame.

    The best value FF was probably the Canon 6D ii deal at JB Hifi - especially today with the wicked Wednesday deal - around $1350 from memory.

    This is a good deal for anyone wanting a R - essentially the same price as JB Hifi.


      Correct, not an SLR, title was a cut and paste from their web site. Price is actually cheaper with HN's 5% off today (JB after cashback $1999.25), which makes it an excellent deal for those eyeing the EOS R, price have never been cheaper. BTW the 6D ii is closer in specs to the EOS RP (currently ~$1200 after cash back at some Aust stores)

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    Been following R and RP prices with or without lenses for a month.
    Prices today at JB and HN are the lowest they have been, after being generally around $100-$200 more on Black Friday for kits and $50-$100 more for body only. They all went back up $500 or more between then and until today….with HN dropping their price during the day, matching the JB price.

    Ended up with an RP with 24-240mm from JB’s. Final cost being $1825 after stacking the JB discount price + 5% Wicked Wednesday code + 5% off gift cards hurriedly bought via Suncorp + expected $150 Canon cashback.

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