Youfoodz = My Fit Fridge (Beware of Your Subscription Validity)

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Youfoodz, which is run out of a factory in Virginia in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, has been laying off staff(4), accused of not paying staff superannuation, been subjected to a shareholder lawsuit(3), an unfair sacking claim by an ex-staffer(2) and a bitter legal stoush with a supplier over unpaid bills(1).

(1) A BITTER legal battle between a well-known Brisbane based meal delivery company and its former chicken supplier over allegations of unpaid bills for tonnes of meat, has revealed the pair fought over $806,000 in alleged outstanding invoices.

(2) BRISBANE-based meal delivery company Youfoodz has settled a $180,000 unfair-sacking claim brought by its former head chef.

(3) A company linked to former bankrupt childcare tycoon Eddy Groves is suing Brisbane meal-delivery success story Youfoodz claiming it owns a slice of the fast-growing food delivery business.

(4) Rumours of job cuts at Brisbane meal delivery firm Youfoodz

Other warning signs (My Fit Fridge)

Actually, I used to work for them back when they were My Fit Fridge…. we were mistreated, underpaid and had our superannuation stolen from us… but we were professionals. I would never tamper with someones food, they were not the cause of the problem. Lance and Jordana were. They were the ones that stole food from our tables, money from our retirement, for their own gain.

We never once tampered with customers food.

Having said that, we were trained, qualified chefs. Sounds like they are now using the cheapest labour they can find. so yeah… all other reasons aside there is no way in hell I would eat their food.


City Beat spies tells us that Australia’s biggest poultry producer, Ingham’s, has signalled interest in snaring part or all of the business.

But Ingham’s, which is one of the top suppliers of chicken to Youfoodz, has shot down that talk.

Youfoodz boss Lance Giles, who previously founded and ran Gold Coast-based My Fit Fridge before it collapsed with debts of $1 million in 2012, did not return a call seeking comment yesterday.


Failed food gurus start out again
Gold Coast Bulletin, Gold Coast - Lucy Ardern
24 Nov 2012

My Fit Fridge, which had a factory in Currumbin and shop in Carrara, closed without warning in August.
Liquidators Peter Dinoris and Nick Combis were appointed this month to sell assets and pay creditors some of the almost $600,000 they are owed.
Among the 94 creditors are 41 staff, who claim to be owed $5400 each.
Lance Giles and Jordana Stott started My Fit Fridge in January 2011 and the company quickly expanded until it was delivering about 10,000 calorie-controlled meals to customers throughout the Coast.
(…)Now a new company, Youfoodz, has been registered and searches show Arthur Giles, Lance's father, is a shareholder.
However he was less forthcoming about his son's involvement.(…)
Efforts to contact Lance Giles were unsuccessful, but searches showed he registered as a domain name.
While the Youfoodz website is still under construction, the description on the company's Facebook page shows it will be a similar operation to My Fit Fridge.
Efforts to contact Jordana Stott were also unsuccessful.


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