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40% off 2020 Gift Cards (Single Use) - $100 Card for $60 & $50 Card for $30 @ Youfoodz


Youfoodz is doing 40% off 2020 gift-cards

$100 card for $60
$50 card for $30

Brings meals to approx $6 each

Single use only. Not applicable with further discount codes. Valid from 1st January 2020. While stocks last


Response received today regarding use of the cards and stacking codes

“ Thanks for your e-mail.

So to clarify;

If we have a promotion running in 2020 and lets say for example it is the promo code NEWYEAR20 to get 10% off your whole order and you have your gift card you've just purchased at 40% off..

Can you use that gift card in conjunction with the NEWYEAR20 code? Yes.”

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  • Tell them to get that out of the terms then "not applicable with further discounts" .

    I would been all over them if not for that .

    • Same, especially if they're single use only.

    • Totally agreed. This came in an email with an exclusive offer for 15% off everything (no asterisk)

      So I complained about that and they used the “not applicable with further discounts"

      I explained that the term reads to me as if you can’t stack offers AFTER you buy the voucher. They explained this not to be the case.

      In fact:

      (05:36:22 AM) Agent: So say you wanted to use the $100 gift card youve bought and then a code such as YF-BLACKFRIDAY which is a recent one we have had, you would be able to do so

      • Not to be a party pooper but I got a less than confident response from the agent I just spoke to. “ I am just awaiting confirmation from our Marketing Team in regards to the other promo codes, and unfortunately they are not in today! Would I be able to send you an email once I have some more info tomorrow”. I’ll update once I hear back tomorrow. Otherwise it’s a great deal and does stack with YF-GOLDMEMBER.

        • Yeah I’ve escalated it with them cause it seems like they are trying to use the one term "not applicable with further discounts" twice in my case… both before before and potentially after you buy it

          If that was the case it wouldn't stack with the gold code mentioned below

  • I purchased yesterday using the YF-GOLDMEMBER code to get an extra 5% off

  • Single use only. Not applicable with further discount codes. Valid from 1st January 2020. While stocks last

    Reeks of liquidity issues with Youfoodz

    3 weeks before a gift card can be redeemed… hmm

  • The checkout page let’s you put in a gift card or promo code, I don’t expect to be able to use the cards with a discount code as it’s never let two codes apply at the same time before and it probably treats the cards the same as codes. But still 40% off a value pack or already discounted menu item is still good value

  • Used to be good but taste and quality has gone downhill recently. Plus you can normally get more than 40% off with promo codes. No deal for me.

  • they are adamant that you can stack the cards with 2020 promotions

    Good luck with that. They won't stack.

    This smacks of a desperate business.

    • More just unimaginative business since it’s basically the same deal they do every December. Last year instead of a discount you got bonus gift cards but same value proposition 40% off. Only difference to last year is they now have physical gift cards. I don’t remember what the outcome was last year re: discount codes but I know the same terms were there and the same questions were asked….I still doubt you can use gift cards as payment and apply a discount code because of how their checkout is setup

      • My recollection of last years was that they don't stack. Just like any 'voucher' you receive from customer service for whatever mishap is unable to be stacked with promo codes. In my experience actual gift cards purchased through prezzee or what not will stack fine but none of their promotional stuff.

        • They definitely stacked last year, I bought about $400 worth and used them for months when other promotions came up to stack them with. Their checkout allowed a gift card + other promotional code, but not two promotional codes. They also last year let you draw down the balance over multiple transactions.

          I didn't buy any this year due to their other issues, no idea if that's changed. My general assumption is that it probably hasn't but who knows.

      • Did they have the same stipulation last year around not being able to actually use the voucher until the new year? As otherwise @cwongtech's previous statement around potential liquidity issues could be true.

        Edit: I found the Ozbargain post for the deal from last year. This year's is actually way more generous, as it's basically "Pay $60 get a bonus 67% [$40] gift card". Also, it doesn't appear that there was a wait to use last year's deal - however last year the bonus gift card had to be used by end of January (the main gift card was good for 3 years).

        All-in-all I'm still a little suspicious of this deal — if you really can also stack discount codes when you use the cards, this deal really feels like it's in the "too good to be true" basket. It's also still weird to me that they don't allow you to actually use the gift cards until the new year - I honestly can't think of any good reason for them to do that unless they are having cashflow issues.

        • See my edit in the OP

          Seems too good to be true so liquidity issues?

          • @saitken:

            Seems too good to be true so liquidity issues?

            Just suspicious that's all, especially the usable in three weeks/"Valid from 1st January 2020." clause.
            I wouldn't go as far as neg'ing the deal (thanks for posting a deal up by the way! Don't be discouraged!)

            If YouFoodz's financial year ends on December, then this could be a way to boost their cash balance up (financial years do NOT always end in July, that's only for our income tax financial year, otherwise you'd only see companies starting up in July).
            If YF's creditors have clauses that prevent Youfoodz from obtaining further debt, then gift cards as unsecured debt would work in YF's advantage. Loan shark rates are at 20% p.a. cash rate, but in using gift cards to raise working capital would also guarantee future revenue in the start of 2020..

            At this stage, it's just pure speculation, just the Valid from 1st January 2020 clause is a little bit of a concern.

            For yours and Youfoodz's customers' sake, I hope all works out!

            • @cwongtech: Yes I hope that @satiken you don't take my neg to be personal; @cwongtech is correct that the community is thankful for people like yourself who take the time to post the deals! My neg is purely to do with the retailer in this instance; to each their own but my view is that the combination of not being able to use the gift cards until the new year plus the claim from Youfoodz support that you can double-dip the discount (stacking discounts) is suspicious. At that the end of the day Youfoodz are a business and not a charity; I don't know how they could offer 40% off and allow additional discounts (which are often around 30% off) and still turn a profit.

              • @space cadet: All good. I’m not opposed to the neg understand that people get funny about this though.

                It’s actually got me reconsidering my purchase as I’ve dropped $240 on vouchers now and half of this is for my brother for Xmas

                Don’t want to be giving out dud gifts

            • @cwongtech: They had the same thing last year I believe, basically because they won't run promotions for a while after these drop, and they don't want people using them with other promotions because last year they did stack (may still). And they want lots of 'new years resolution' customers from Jan 1 so they probably won't run discounts again until Feb. They probably also don't want a stack of discounted customers over the Christmas period when they have to probably pay penalty rates for people preparing.

              I wouldn't read that much into the start date.

  • +10 votes

    Sounds very fishy. Well I do hope the scandal has destroyed this company. Food has gone down hill so much in the past 1.5 years.

  • $20 delivery still applies? How do we get that reduced or removed. Kills the deal

  • In any case, this is now sold out.