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Remington Groom and Go Precision Kit (Was $19) $9 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


If no stock available try price matching at: MYER, TGG, Shaver Shop

The Remington Groom and Go Precision Kit offers multiple grooming accessories in a convenient carry case, making it an ideal solution for quick fixes and touch-ups when you’re out and about.

Key Features

  • Using stainless-steel blades, the Remington Groom and Go Precision Kit’s included groomer handpiece lets you closely trim your beard, moustache, or stubble.
  • This Groom and Go Kit comes with 2 interchangeable heads: a detail trimmer head for making finishing touches and a rotary head for ear and nose hair trimming.
  • For trimming and styling versatility, this precision kit includes an adjustable comb with variable length settings ranging from 1mm to 5mm.
  • The Remington Groom and Go kit comes with a 3.5-inch scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, and a hair comb, giving you the convenience of maintaining your look even when you’re on the go.
  • Simple to clean up, this Groom and Go precision kit’s interchangeable heads can be easily washed.

What's In The Box?

  • 1x Groomer Handpiece
  • 1x Detail Trimmer Head
  • 1x Rotary Head for Nose and Ear Hair
  • 1x Adjustable Comb with 5 Length Setting (1-5mm)
  • 1x Nail Clippers
  • 1x 3.5-inch Scissors
  • 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Hair Comb
  • 1x Premium Carry Case
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Lubricating Oil

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  • Thanks mate. Got one. cheers

  • Bought one, great KK present for males and females :P

  • Thanks. Mine died a month ago. Was great product so good timing :)

    • Any idea if the nail clippers have the nail dirt digging out extension or can just cut nails no nail dirt digger.

      • They curl up like a claw, making it easier to cut. The blades smooth so I'm guessing no? TBH I don't know what nail dirt digging out exension is.

        I ussually use one nail to clean all my nails, then drag that one nail with the back of a match stick <the wooden part> (this is when they are filthy from gardening or whatever)

        • X.X

          ussually use one nail to clean all my nails, then drag that one nail with the back of a match stick <the wooden part> (this is when they are filthy from gardening or whatever)

          what did I just read

          So you have never seen the metal protracting piece that is pointy at the end and is kind of like a scythe or scimitar for the dirt that gets stuck underneath your nails?

          • @AlienC: You mean the nail file with the nail cleaner tip.
            From the photo, it doesn't look like it has one of those, however the butt-end of the clipper is pointy so that might be a nail cleaner.
            That being said, you should use the nail scissors to cut your fingernails anyway, and you can use them while closed to clean under your nails.

  • Quality any good?

  • Let's go Amazon price match

  • is this good for down there?

  • Perfect - grabbed one to keep at work as an emergency option

  • After clicking Pick Up/Standard Delivery, the 'Continue Checkout' is greyed out - anyone experiencing the same thing?

  • mmm..elephant fresh

  • Thanks bought one

  • Out of stock and refund email received. I selected click and collect. Might have better luck with delivery

  • Mines says in stock for pick up when ordered and now it says it's on back-order.. what a joke

  • No stock anywhere SE Melbourne.

  • I just got a call from a store in South East melbourne to confirm that my email is correct so they can send the shipping information. So my order has gone through

  • im looking for new products to maintain a stubble/line beard, clean shave, manscape, nose hairs? will these do?

  • Anyone know if these nail clippers have the dirt digger extension you know the little piece of metal that rotates out to help you scrape all that dark stuff under your toe nails mostly but also finger nails if you do dirty work or are just dirty.

    The rest of the stuff looks fine.. Honestly I don't have a comb and a nose hair device which will come in handy.

    No idea if any of the other stuff can do stubble facial touch ups as manual razor keeps giving me razor burns aka sore red skin.

    I just want to be clean shaven have no nose hair stragglers and maybe comb the dust out of my head at the end of the day.

    Oh and dig out all that juicy yummy nail crud I mean gross those don't taste nice at all how would I know.


    • Here is my quick review of the kit and its items.

      Overall you get what you pay for the nail clippers are useless on every nail in fact I recommend not to use it because it is so weak it might actually rip the nail off or squeeze it off instead of cutting it just get a large strong nail cutter instead from your local pharmacy, $1 shop, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Asian grocery store just honestly anywhere else.

      The battery powered device is not waterproof but the detachable plastic and metal heads are so don't rinse it or use in shower clean after finished or between trim strokes by detaching and rinsing the head only that has no electronic parts.

      1x Groomer Handpiece - ok
      1x Detail Trimmer Head - ok
      1x Rotary Head for Nose and Ear Hair - ok
      1x Adjustable Comb with 5 Length Setting (1-5mm) - ok
      1x Nail Clippers - throw away it is a safety danger hazard and no nail cleaner part
      1x 3.5-inch Scissors - ok
      1x Tweezers - ok
      1x Hair Comb - ok
      1x Premium Carry Case - ok
      1x Cleaning Brush - ok
      1x Lubricating Oil - ok

      Requires 1 x AA battery which they don't provide.

      For $9 it is an ok deal haven't owned it long enough so not sure if it will break down within a month or whatever but first face value it is ok but everything feels very low quality and not strong premium items obviously so be safe and be careful.

      The nail clippers I got where beyond useless more of a hazard they just grab on to the nail and don't really do well on any size hand or feet..just made marks in my nails and was scared to cut more than a few easy ones on my little toe forget doing big nails with that it is tiny and no power.

  • Thanks OP, Got 4pcs in Gladstone QLD, 2 of us went in so 2 each.

  • I had my order sent and have tracking. I bought 2 so anyone wanting to split the shipping pm me. I'm in Central Sydney.

  • Thanks OP, great stocking filler.

    HN employee at Watergardens mentioned they sold a lot of these yesterday.

  • Mine just arrived

  • I tried seeing if Shaver Shop in Melbourne Central Station had them, but no.

    Tried a few random VIC zip codes, and nearly all stores said out of stock. Only Hamilton, VIC (148 Gray Street, Shop 2, Hamilton Central Plaza, Hamilton, Victoria 3300) had them in.

  • No stock in Ballina…nearest stock (2) at Tweed Heads…hopeless