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Little Creatures Pale Ale 330ml - $36 Per Carton (24 Single Bottles) C&C @ BWS (Usually ~ $70)


Currently, Little Creatures Pale Ale is on special at BWS online for $57 a carton or $2 per single. That in itself makes no sense, since $2x $24 = $48.

However there is also a promotion where you can 'Mix and Match' 8 or more singles and a 25% discount will automatically be applied. So:

1) Confirm the price for Little Creatures Pale Ale is $2.00 per single bottle (I've found that BWS online prices can vary, but a quick check shows the same price in a few different states).

2) Add 24 single bottles to your cart. The discount of 25% should be applied, taking the price from $48 to $36.

Combine with 5% off WiSH eGift cards to bring it down further to $34.20. Cashrewards for BWS is also an option (1.70%).

UPDATE Some comments below indicate website ordering may not be working but app orders still going through. If out of stock, try changing store.

UPDATE 2 Until anyone can confirm otherwise, it appears this deal has expired. Product has now been removed from BWS website.

UPDATE 3 Unexpired due to multiple reports of people being able to successfully place orders in the comments (QLD, WA, VIC). However, it appears you may have trouble finding stock.

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  • +1

    Looks like it's $5.50 per bottle for me (ACT). Seems NSW is $2 though

    • I'm in QLD - but also checked a store and VIC and saw $2 as well.

    • +2

      It showed @2 dollars for me,ACT, but 24 for 48 not 36 like OP mentioned

      • +1

        Yeah, looks like it's changed now

      • Should take 25% off at checkout

        • +1

          not for me unfortunately

        • +1

          I've gone all the way to the final "pay now" button and it's $48 still. ACT.

      • +2

        Yeah, 24 for $48 as well here at checkout. Similarly in the ACT.

        • Same here in NNSW. Will just get 12 for $24 then, still not bad.

    • As with those above in the ACT, I can see $2 a bottle, but no 25% off for singles.

      Weird because even after setting the store it still advertises the promo here, just doesn't apply.

      Tried making account and getting to checkout, no luck.

      • It initially showed the discount but then disappeared at the last check out?
        $48 is still a good pick up

    • I'm in QLD and it showed that too until I logged in and selected a local store. 25% off applied too and showed $36 for the 24 bottles.

    • It showed 5.20 when I went through the shopback app, but $2 on the normal site?

    • I'm in QLD and I just proceeded through checkout at $36

      • I went in to buy another carton from a different store, but all pale ale items seem to be pulled from the website now.

  • is the order eligible for CB when using GC to pay?

    • Apparently not:

      "You may not be eligible for Cashback:

      "If a gift card is purchased or used as payment."

      However, I would make sure CR is activated anyway as it seemed to work last time I combined both.

    • +1

      Doesn't look like any restrictions on Shopback, and 2%.

  • +4

    Can confirm its $2 for stores in Perth

  • +2

    Got 2 cartons thanks

  • Done.


  • Just got 2 slabs from South Hurstville.

  • Just got one. Thanks OP

  • Which store in VIC? Mine is coming up as $5ea in mulgrave

    • -1

      I just punched in BWS Richmond (go tigers!)

  • Picked up a slab, thanks OP

  • +1

    Got a slab in QLD too.

    • Which store in QLD?

  • +1

    $2 in WA

  • Picked up 2 slabs - thanks OP

  • +10

    Good deal, but Im worried they are going to hand me 24 single bottles and I dont want to deal with taht.

    • +3

      Small price to pay.

    • +3

      Take your esky in to pick it up.

    • +2

      Relax, it'll be a slab.

  • Gold thanks op

  • +3

    This will test out the local BWS staff … bet I get all singles rather than a slab…

  • Legend

  • Cheers OP picked up a slab in time for Christmas

  • Dammit, pricing changed to $5 just before I checked out!

    • Still $2 for delivery.
      But only 47 bottles at the store I wanted.
      So 47 bottles and 2 six packs for Matsos Ginger Beer for $38.
      They're going to hate me.

      • -1

        failed maths?

        • 2 Matsos were $38, normally $30 each so thought it was worth mentioning.
          The creatures were already known to be $2 each.
          Thanks for playing.

  • +1

    Nice find! Just ordered and paid in QLD

  • unreal. thank you!
    i usually miss the beer deals, but I got this one.

  • lol thanks OP - order confirmed

  • Only bought 8 bottles, but added in four free beers from the app. $12 for 12 beers, thanks OP.

  • +2

    Cheers x 24

  • Thanks. I picked up 12 bottles (I don't drink all that much beer).

  • Thanks OP, ordered in QLD!

  • Just ordered 48 bottles for $72 in Perth.

  • Thanks OP, you're a champ!

  • Ordered from Somerville, VIC - great deal, thanks OP.

  • Phenomenal - thanks OP. Ordered 2 slabs for $72 in Darwin. Will be interesting though as I'm pretty sure that's cheaper than the floor-price they're legally allowed to sell it for here…

    • +13

      This deal is criminal

    • +1

      Aaaaand cancelled due to the NT's ridiculous floor price on alcohol :(

      Gutted… Merry Christmas

  • +1

    works for QLD. Ordered from Moorooka.

    • Funny I too ordered from Moorooka

      • +1

        2nd order only could do 18 bottles. They only had 23 left. When I ordered they had 75 avail, they are getting ozbargained!

        • Have you got confirmation that it's ready to pickup ?

          • +1

            @chrisie: order confirmation yes but not ready for pick up. the email says they'll text when its ready.

            • @LennyT: I got confirmation pickup TXT. Going shopping @ WW Moorooka soon so couldn't have worked out better.

              • +1

                @chrisie: good stuff. Mine shouldn't be too far off then hopefully!

  • +2

    I'm not getting the 25% discount (ACT)

  • this will be ozbargained for sure
    got 2 cases

  • cheers x 48!

  • Ordered thanks!

  • +1

    Incredible deal. 24x for $36 ready to be picked up in halfa. Thanks op, legend.

  • +2

    Someone in BWS is going to get a hiding

  • Mine shows $2 but max 18 bottles?

    • +1

      Probably store is running low on stock

      • Good shout - I tried another store close by and copped. Cheers!

  • Trying to do this now - get to the cart and no 25% applied. 96 bottles comes up as $168

    • Are you in the ACT by chance?

    • i think you gotta bring your order down a little or split it in 2

      • Split in 2 is the answer. So good on my way to pick up now :)

  • Nice work OP. Ordered a slab from my local here in SA

  • +1

    $2 each per bottle here in Tweed Heads No Further 25% off Discount, still good.

    Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP great find ordered from Moorooka Brisbane.
    Got confirmation ready to pickup.

    • +1

      LOL. Same here from Moorooka. I have 2 cartons on order, but need to pick up later as the store on Tarragindi Rd don't have enough stocks.

      Hope they give me 2 cartons, and not 48 loose singles.

      • Just picked mine up , does come in cartons not loose.
        For you to pickup at Moorooka or Tarragindi Rd I'd say you would have to live around Salisbury ?
        Checked at Moorooka they still had a couple of cartons left.

  • Let's see if they'll honor this

  • Thanks OP. Now have over 100 beers coming thanks to the last few sales (and supporting the bush fires).

    • I think they do good enough without your support :\

  • +3

    $36 for me in Adelaide, just added 24 and checked cart and it says $36
    I don't drink much beer, but will grab for when mates come round :)

    • +6

      we need more mates like you.

  • 25% still working for me in NSW.

  • Brilliant, thanks! Got a carton from Ringwood Vic

  • Xmas cheer sorted.

  • +2

    Legend!!! Flying to Cairns next week. Ordered in Brisbane to pick up in Cairns $72 for 2 cartons + 5% off wish card pament + 1.7% off via CR. Christmas sorted :-)

    • Good luck, but probably will be cancelled before you pick up :/

  • Thanks OP. Saved $91.20 in Brisbane

  • Boom! Done

  • Just got the text to pick up

    Thanks OP

  • Looks like city only, no store with 200km of me has less than $5.50

  • done, ordered 24, VIC.

  • +1

    don't forget 2% cashback

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