This was posted 2 years 1 month 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Little Creatures Pale Ale 330ml - $36 Per Carton (24 Single Bottles) C&C @ BWS (Usually ~ $70)


Currently, Little Creatures Pale Ale is on special at BWS online for $57 a carton or $2 per single. That in itself makes no sense, since $2x $24 = $48.

However there is also a promotion where you can 'Mix and Match' 8 or more singles and a 25% discount will automatically be applied. So:

1) Confirm the price for Little Creatures Pale Ale is $2.00 per single bottle (I've found that BWS online prices can vary, but a quick check shows the same price in a few different states).

2) Add 24 single bottles to your cart. The discount of 25% should be applied, taking the price from $48 to $36.

Combine with 5% off WiSH eGift cards to bring it down further to $34.20. Cashrewards for BWS is also an option (1.70%).

UPDATE Some comments below indicate website ordering may not be working but app orders still going through. If out of stock, try changing store.

UPDATE 2 Until anyone can confirm otherwise, it appears this deal has expired. Product has now been removed from BWS website.

UPDATE 3 Unexpired due to multiple reports of people being able to successfully place orders in the comments (QLD, WA, VIC). However, it appears you may have trouble finding stock.

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    • I guess you could place 12x 2 bottle orders out of spite…

    • Why's that? I bought 144 without issue

      • +1

        Stout effort.

        • Yes, my dozen bottles pales in comparison

      • Beer Broden!

  • +1

    Got 2 cartons, already picked up and in the fridge. Thanks op.

  • Still going in VIC

  • Ordered 4 cartons LOL

  • in NSW, I tried Randwick -gone, Eastgarden - gone, luckily got 8 bottles for $12 at Eastlakes

  • Thanks OP! Ordered 2 cartons, ready for pickup (VIC).

  • Who keeps buying more and more and more deal of the year.

  • +1

    OP, really curious why you even tried doing this… but thank you, legend..

  • You're a legend OP

  • Thanks OP, just ordered!

  • cannot order anymore anyone?

  • Still working for me

    Thanks OP

  • Amazing find!!!

  • Order ready for pickup in Vic. Awesome.

  • Thanks, got 2 slabs for $72 in Perth :) got 2 cases coming from twobirds also yay.

    • was the twobirds on sale as well?

      • Not today, was 25 off per case and free shipping the other week for bushfire effort.
        A wee while back I also got 2 cases of chew tang from them, amazing beer that's all gone, can't justify $85 bucks for 16 cans though so will wait for another special.

        • Ah dang. I wouldve been all over the 25$ off. Ill have to keep an eye out. thanks!

  • Thanks - just successfully ordered in QLD Cheers!

  • Im getting $5.2 per bottle instead of $2, anyone else?

  • ordered 12 for 18$. Thanks

  • There's no add to cart button for me in SA. Damn, missed another great deal.

    • +1

      That's because you chose a store with no stock. Pick another eg. Adelaide that has plenty and it will allow you to add it to the cart.
      I just tried it and it worked.

    • Actually, I tried through the bws app instead of shop back and it worked although could only get the last 20 at my local.

  • Got a case, thanks OP

  • +3

    Ozbargained! They seem to have deactivated all purchases of pale ale πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

    • +2

      Still working in QLD as far as I can see.

  • +1

    Still available at some Melb CBD stores. Elizabeth Street seemed to let you 'pre-order' at this price as they're out of stock.
    Just bought 36 bottles for effectively $45.22! (~$30/case)
    $54 for 36 bottles after above discount, 5% wish gift card and 2% shopback plus had a BWS offer for 1000 points ($5) if spending over $50.
    Thanks OP!!

    • name checks out

      • Collected mine earlier tonight no worries.
        Staff said something like 'everyone's been buying these up today 😏, good job'.
        Perfect timing for Christmas guests.

  • Got 24 - Brilliant Xmas bargain!! - Many Thanks

  • Too slow to order mine in qld bugger 😞

    • Try changing store ?

      • Changed store and used the app it worked got one :)

  • Nice trick OP, managed to order 24 for $36, now waiting for pick up confirmation.

    I wonder how long it will take them to figure out their mistake? Someone at BWS doesn't know their maths :P

    • I just went in to pick up my order and the guy knew how I'd got it so cheap and they've realised the error of their ways.

  • +8

    A Christmas miracle

  • Cannot find stock anywhere in Melbourne's West

  • +1

    If anyone is having trouble ordering from the website, try from the BWS app. Worked for me just now (pending potential cancellations)

  • Seems like they are not letting this through on the website anymore. Cant process the order. I can place 24 bottles in my cart but when I click on checkout the transaction fails. Thanks, OP got 2 cases and was trying to order 2 more:)

    • +1

      probably out of stock at the store?

  • 71 in stock when I started my order and now 23. Had to settle for 8 Creatures for $12. Can't complain.

  • finally managed to ordered 2 cartons from the app. for ppl couldn't find the $2 bottle. go to browse,beer, Pale ale, sort by $ Low to High, Filter by Price, 0-10, bingo!

  • +1

    just ordered my second lot of 48 beers at the other BWS in my area… awesome

    • +2

      why is someone down voting this?? o well at least I will have some good cheap beers to drown my sorrows with.

  • Awesome deal! Worked for me in NSW, but only through mobile portal and not computer based website…

  • Thanks OP!!!

    Just ordered 2 slabs from BWS Balwyn (must use BWS app on phone, website not working), no cashrewards but used Wish gift card.

  • Has anyone gone to pick them up. I think BWS may be doing a bose.

    • All good, I picked mine up. It's starting to feel like Christmas.

  • ordered another 2 cartons total 4, not sure how the expiry date will be like

  • LOL who is reporting this?

  • Cheers, just picked up my order (outer Perth, WA).

  • just picked up 2 cases from Park Road, Milton

  • won't work for me. BWS have stopped it

  • If your order is stuck on processing for more than an hour, it might be best to give them a call to nudge them to do a manual override on these Little Creatures. There's a limit on them apparently.

  • Just picked up a case. 45 minutes after order. Didn't have a confirmation SMS yet, but the store was happy to provide. If you're local, don't wait for the text!

  • Mine is ready for pickup. Thanks OP!

  • excellent, thanks.

  • Ordered 2 cases from Ashgrove West, QLD. BWS delivered them 15 minutes later. Brilliant.

  • +1

    got 34 to combine 1000 rewards point above $50, cheers! thanks Op

  • +3

    Cleared out my local BWS. Dude at the counter said the internal email is going nuts and people wondering why they are selling so many and someone internally posted the ozb link. Quite amusing. Thanks OP!

  • Just ordered 12 in QLD. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      12 Cartons holly hell post your address and everyone on OZ Bargain will drop around for a beer.

  • +1

    Tried to do a pick up, but got limited to 2 bottles. They are making stuff up.

    • We aren't. All our pos states limit of 2 per customer. It's just its not stated on the website.

      • Is it likely if it isnt picked up immediately a notice can be sent out to the stores? How can they reneg on the deal once the transaction has gone through?

        • Especially if there is nothing stated against it on their website…

          • +1

            @werdplaya58: Because an item on a website is an invitation to purchase (intention to sell). Even when you order, i5 isn't necessarily a confirmation of acceptance. They can apologise and say price error. As long as it's not repeated and systematic false advertising. It's just a mistake.

            • +1

              @hypie: And if you have paid and received a notice to come and collect?

              That would seem a little past the invitation to order stage wouldn't it?

              • +1

                @werdplaya58: Yeah I think so. I think that's acceptance if you get a pick up email.

    • Update: I got this resolved & picked up my full order in the end. I've got that Black Hops feeling all over again.

  • Thanks OP. Combined with $10 credit on my Woolworths rewards to bring it to $26

  • +1

    All over red rover, price from mobile app updated to $5 per bottle (Perth)

    • Not all over. Still $2 in QLD.

      • Actually I lied, found a few places in Perth that are still $2.

        It's still on!

    • Only certain stores its $5 some are still $2 but stock is low on most as everyone is ordering 20+ bottles.

  • I got 48 for $72, about an hour ago - click and collect! $1.50 a bottle.
    Thanks OP.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Just worked using Safari on a Mac.
    Thanks OP.

  • Just got 4 cases, awesome deal!

    Bought 2 online and another 2 in the store, they honoured the price.

  • Bought a slab from Westlake QLD
    Thanks OP!

  • Damnit.. gone thru about 6 stores in my area and nothing! (can see cartons but not single bottles)

  • Awesome, got a case. Thank you!

  • Thanks, just picked up a carton for $36 in WA. The chick that served me said it was an Australia wide mistake and has been shut down.

    • yeah.. just found some at $4.50 a bottle… bugger

    • Damn. Wonder if they'll honour my 2 cartons.

      I had opted to 'Pick up Later' (within 4 days) due to insufficient stock at the local.

      Received order confirmation by email and card has been charged. Hopefully the order holds.

  • +5

    Picked up 4 cartons in WA, the guy working there was disassembling a $2 pale ale display after my order πŸ‘

    Edit: Expiry is June 2020 for those wondering

  • Just went in store to try this. Apprently it’s a max of 2 bottles per store u can mix and Mach. Online seems to be letting us get away with 24

    • +1

      a max of 2 bottles per store u can mix and Mach

      The promo was/is literally:

      Mix your own 8 pack from the below single craft beers and get 25% off

      so not sure where they are pulling that one from.

      • +1

        The $2 unit price was supposed to be limited to two per transaction, not the 25% off promo.

  • +2

    If I have a pick up confirmation, am I safe from having this cancelled? Can't get there until after work!

    • I'm wondering the same thing…

    • in the same boat. I'd say you will be fine.

    • If they try to I'd be standing my ground. I'm in the same spot and wont be there till quite a few hours. There is nothing on their website stating any rules.

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