out of stock Black Hops Pale Ale 375mL 24pk $18.99, Black Hops Hornet IPA 375mL 24pk $22.99 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ Dan Murphy's


Seems like an amazing price for this beer, close to $100 elsewhere for a case.

eBay Link Sold out

Black Hops Pale Ale Can 375mL $18.99 @ Dan Murphys Website.

Black Hops IPA Cans 375mL $22.99 @ Dan Murphys Website.

Approx 40 in stock for each for delivery on eBay, C&C is available mostly in QLD, so get in quick for other states!

Delivery is $6.90 standard on the Dan Murphys site also.

Free Delivery available with eBay Plus.

As always, enjoy :)

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