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20% off Products (e.g. AR150 $19.99, MT300N-V2 $23) + Post ($0 w/ Prime or $39 Spend) @ Gl.inet Amazon AU


20% off a range of Gl.iNet products

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Sorry, there's no AR750S (Slate) stock at the moment so they can't offer this product

Not going to give too many details, there's already existing ozbargain threads here on most of the products:

AR150 $19.99
AR750 $47.99
AR300M $45.02
AR300M-EXT $50.66
USB150 $31.92
B1300 $100.18

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    Pity about the AR750S… :-(

    Excellent value on other things that I've already got!


      Two different products. The AR750 doesn't have a built in battery so you'll have to use a seperate battery pack (maybe not a bad thing, give flexibility?) :) .

      I haven't played with the Hootoo, but believe it uses proprietary software which is the reason I found the Gl.iNet range based on OpenWRT from when I started using the TPLink WR802N.

      The Hootoo is more like Gl.iNet's new Mudi but then again that adds LTE capabilities as well so still not really a good comparison (I'm currently testing the Mudi here in Oz).

      Depends on your needs :)


        Thansk for the info. How much would the Mudi cost?
        Found out myself, $179 is a little bit high. May give Hootoo a go given it's only $40. I have a 4G modem somewhere I can connect to the wifi.


          Currently showing as $179USD on the Gl.iNet web site with Cat 4 modem ($199USD with Cat 6) but again, adds a bit of functionality on the HooToo such as dual band AC750, LTE capable, VPN/Tor support …..

          If you just want a mobile router, the Creta + 10000MaH battery pack will probably be about $70. That's probably about the equivalent of the HooToo function wise (but you also get OpenWRT, dual band AC750) but you'd have to carry both items and a cable :P


            @Limbot: How’s the mudi working out? Any chance of a pre-order or discounts once it’s released?


              @syngen: I really like it. It's a good little (maybe not so little) capable LTE router. The EC25 (cat4) and EP06 (Cat 6) cards cover all the Australian bands. For me one of the big selling points is the OpenWRT. Makes it so flexible if you need that.

              My first impressions (mainly around functionality and form) can be found here

              The Kickstarter campaign finished last night, but I'm sure in the fullness of time there'll be ozbargain discounts :)


          Mmm, I can't see any mention of USB tethering a 4G modem or a phone to the HooToo. Worth checking if that's what you want it for ( you can with the Creta :p )


            @Limbot: Will need to find out but I read from previous deals taht it can bridge another wifi network so I am guessing it will work with Android tethering or my pocket wifi. Worst scenario, I will just use it as a file share centre and powerbank.


              @xmchen: Yes you can use WISP repeater mode to wirelessly connect to another network. So you would wisp repeat to the hotspot on the pocket modem or mobile. Just be aware you'll lose 1/2 your bandwidth doing this as youre sharing you wifi to connect to the other WiFi WAN and your WiFi Lan. If you USB tether you won't.

              Just a gotcha 😊


    cant get code to work


    It seems that MT300N-V2 is the better version of AR150 for just $3 more, am I missing anything that makes AR150 a better choice?

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      The AR150 uses the Atheros chip rather than the Mediatek chip. In reality I don't know exactly what the difference technically is but for the home user the mediatek chip works well. I believe there's better support for the Atheros if you wanted to do things like write your own firmware etc.


        cool, as far as I remember Atheros has better driver compatibility for some specific applications. Hackintosh, and in this case Aircrack-ng and similar Wi-Fi attack tools that can be installed on OpenWRT


    I don't understand what the difference is between these models. Also, is there any 4G mobile SIM ones?

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