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Coleman 400 Lumen 2-Panel Lantern (Was $19) $10 @ Bunnings


Was off to grab robinCTS's deal when I stumbled upon a bunch of these at Bunnings Keysborough. Still bought the utility light though for the size!

I bought this at Bunnings when it was $19 for a camping trip. Great little device and really bright. Lit up our camping site easily (hung the panels and lantern off branches) for hours while having dinner and then some more inside our tent - and even then, still had more juice for the next night for dinner without ever dying (didn't use the charging feature though AND the panels were put back to recharge in the morning). The panels also have magnets to hold onto the lantern and whatever else!

Had to post this deal since I had such a good experience with it.

From Coleman's website:


The Coleman 2-Panel 400L LED Lantern will be your go-to device for camping, power outages, and more. Two detachable panels make it easy to take light with you without carrying the entire lantern. Simply pop one or both panels off the base to use as a personal light or flashlight for navigating your dark campsite or house. Each magnetized panel has its own controls to adjust to your liking, and easily attaches to metal surfaces for hands-free light when you need it. The base charges the panels when connected, and features a USB charging port to keep your mobile device powered and ready to go. Combined, the lights shine up to 400 lumens for as long as 20 hours, or 40 lumens on low for up to 200 hours. The lantern is IPX4 water resistant and its LED lights last a lifetime, so they never need replacing.

Product Details

  • 2 take-along light panels recharge on base
  • Perfect for when you need light in more than one place
  • Built-in flashlight on each panel provides directional light when you need it
  • Fold-down panel handles double as stands
  • Magnetic panels provide hands-free light when attached to toolboxes, car hoods, steel-framed shelters and more
  • USB charging port to charge your mobile devices
  • Base light stays lit when panels are removed
  • Fold-down lantern handle for easy carrying in a space-saving design
  • Individual controls on base and each panel
  • 2 modes (lantern): high, low
  • 2 modes (panel): high, low, flashlight
  • Lumens (lantern): 400 (high), 40 (low)
  • Lumens (panel): 100 (high), 25 (low), 100 (flashlight)
  • Runtime (lantern): 20 hours (high), 200 hours (low)
  • Runtime (panel): 3 hours (high), 14 hours (low), 3 hours (flashlight)
  • Beam distance (lantern): 13 m (high), 6 m (low)
  • Beam distance (panel): 13 m (high), 6 m (low), 40 m (flashlight)
  • IPX4 water-resistant design
  • Base powered by 4 D batteries (sold separately)
  • Each panel powered by 3 AAA NiMH batteries (included)
  • Lifetime LEDs never need replacing
  • 3-year limited warranty

From Bunnings' website:


  • Model Name: 2-Panel 400 Lumen Lantern
  • Model Number: 1496070
  • Weight: 0.78kg
  • Indoor Use: Yes
  • Remote: Yes

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  • Great deal. Seems like a better deal than the other post as this is rechargable and comes with batteries

  • Lantern: High 400 lumens, 20 hours.
    Panel: High 100 lumens, 3 hour.

    Hmm sounds like they are just throwing some random numbers into the spec.

  • These Kmart ones are surprisingly good:
    VERY bright light with a dimmer and charges phones via USB. The whole thing is rechargeable (6000 MAh) and very compact with a nice aluminum body.
    Way better than the usual Kmart plastic crap

    • Looks like a great deal!

    • Thanks for the tip. Was looking for an only-usb powered latern for camping. The OP one is usb….but requires D batteries etc.

    • looks good, how long does a full charge lasts on high or medium brightness setting?

      want to get this for camping trip, seems bright with that many LEDs in a panel and it's rechargeable.

      But, seems like those USB ports are exposed, maybe not good for rain condition

      • Well, I used it every night in a tent on a medium setting for a week for say 4 hours a night, and sometime on full power outside it was no where near exhausted.
        Not exactly a scientific test, I know, but I didn't need to recharge it until I got home.
        I did test out fully charging my phone (at home) and that drained it quickly but that seemed fair enough.
        I am quite happy with this unit and hey, it Kmart, so if you don't like it for any reason, you can just return it

        • This sounds really good for its price.

          Yeah, fair enough if you use it to charge smartphone which can easily drain 50% of its powerbank capacity.

          Thanks, i'll get one from kmart today

  • I might get these, and hack then with Li-ion cells and charger port.

    Not much of a deal taking D-cells.

    • I was thinking the same, but I'm also a little suss now the charging mechanism for the panels might be "dumb charging" and slowly wreck the batteries in the panels.

    • That's a lot of effort for a mediocre 400lm output. You should be able to find a cheap lithium (18650), cree led (XM) lantern that outputs 900lm or higher online.

      • Would only do it because I have the parts lying around and its fun :)

        But on second thoughts, I really want a dome light to hang above, not a sideways panel light.

  • Not really "rechargable" if it also needs batteries.

  • D cells powered is a turn off for me

  • Common guys for $10 it's a turn off for some with the d batteries requirement.
    Just get a AA to D converter. Cost U Less than $1/piece.
    Anyone know if they are available in WA.? North or east side

    • Available at Cannington, Maddinigton, Armadale, Bayswater, Balcatta, Mindarie, and Wangara, to name a few.

    • Alkaline D cells that this is designed for are ~ 18,000mHh and Eneloop AA are 1,950 so the run time will be 1/9th with AA in D adapters

  • went to bunnings bayswater wa, they had around 3 in stock before reading the comments about d batteries and deciding against it.

    They had this, but Click branded for $1

    • That one’s mains powered and a completely different type of product.

      • yes, I know, I was just mentioning if anyone goes to bunnings bayswater wa, they also had them on clearance underneath.

  • I have the bigger version, these are great. Bright, and the detachable lights are very useful.

  • Is there any way to charge the two side docks without using 4 D batteries to do it? Also, not removing the aaa batteries to put them in a charger (as I don’t have one).

    Ie. it would be good if you could plug in the USB to charge them?

  • For anyone who could not find the lantern in Cannington WA , there are 2 brown Boxes left in Isle 67 - plumbing section !!! Not the light section :) thx to the nice shop assistant lady who helped me to find it !