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Corsair Dominator Platnium RGB 16GB DDR4 4266MHz - Black $599 (Was $715) Pickup + Delivery Available @ Mwave


Expensive RAM for people who can afford it.

Model: CMT16GX4M2K4266C19
Latency :19-26-26-46

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    man that's overpriced for what it is.

    i bought 32gb 4000mhz CL18 earlier for like $243 though not RGB

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    Surely you'd be better off putting the extra ~$500 it costs over 'normal' 16gb 3200Mhz ram towards a better graphics card or processor?

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      As long as you are not smoking them probably it is better to put them towards anything.


      what if you already have 2x 2080ti and 3970x ?

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      After 3400 MHz you tend to see diminishing returns for the astronomical cost, maybe two frames or four frames in most games going from 3400MHz to 4200 MHz. Not worth it. Considering the jump from 2400 MHz to 3200 MHz is such a large nice jump in performance most games/applications. 3200 MHz to 4200 MHz is barely that much better.

      Only reason to buy this is just to flex.


        3200 MHz can also be easily ran at at much higher speeds if it's decent RAM. I've got mine running stable at 3600 MHz on a Ryzen system.




    Seeing that the worlds fastest desktop CPU is the R9 3950X and it maxes out at around DDR4 3733Mhz and using ram clocked any faster actually reduces memory bandwidth and performance.. THIS RAM IS 100% useless end of story. only a fanboy would buy a i9 9900KS and use this ram with it when the R9 3950X makes the i9 9900KS look like a child's toy that uses twice as much power and produces twice as much heat.


      Isn't that just something to do with the Infinity Fabric syncing better with that speed?
      If you're using AMD then you could underclock this RAM to 3733MHz and drop the timings very low.

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      only a fanboy

      The i9 and i7 for that matter is a faster gaming processor.


        4% faster at 1080p..and 0% faster at 1440p or 4k that's it.. the gap is pointless these days and for that 4% you use twice a much power and produce twice as much heat. It's also around 60% slower in everything else.

        The only people to buy a 9900k are gaming videocard reviewers and maybe low res 240hz max FPS CS Go Pro gamers

        Anyone else is just hurting themselves with futureproofing their PC

        Check out hardware unboxed Q4 2019 CPU recommendations on youtube for more info

        Intel is 100% the underdog these days.

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          4% faster at 1080p.

          Hence Diji1's comment.

          for that 4% you use twice a much power and produce twice as much heat. It's also around 60% slower in everything else.

          Yeah while Intel would be a poor value proposition, I don't see how Diji1 is technically incorrect in some cases?


          If you want high fps on gaming at the most common resolution of 1080p you buy Intel. That's not something up for debate.

          Comparing 4k figures is silly. But who knows, one day the GPU may be the one throttling the CPU…

          YouTube reviewers overstate the value of multi core applications like rendering and shit, most people don't buy gaming PC's to edit video…. So many of their benchmarks aren't relevant to the average person.

          Obviously the Ryzen stuff has its uses, but for pure gaming it's still Intel.


            @scuderiarmani: Most people are going to be buying a $300 - $400 USD graphics card. Just look at the Steam Survey results where the GTX 1060 still remains the most popular GPU. Out of the RTX cards the most common are the RTX 2060.

            Frame rates will be the same between Intel and AMD as your going to bottleneck on the GPU more often than not in modern games at 1080P Ultra. Hardware Unboxed demonstrated that is this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZGlhGjFUFM where on average the 9900K barely holds a lead over the R5 3600 when paired with a RX 5700 which is a pretty much a direct swap for the RTX 2060 in terms of performance.

            That's when comparing a 9900K to the much cheaper R5 3600. If you swap out the 9900K for a 9600KF then that lead shrinks even further. So you're not getting a gaming advantage but you are losing out on the performance lead that Ryzen holds in multi threaded applications.

            Intel holds the gaming edge at the high end. If you're willing to buy a RTX 2080 and above and only want to game then the 9900K would be a great CPU. But if you're buying a RTX 2060 Super and going for a bang for buck build AMD has the more compelling product stack at the moment. That's the point tech youtubers and reviewers are making.


              @Osprey87: I'm not arguing the merits of a Ryzen system at all. Particularly from a value perspective. Obviously they flog Intel.

              However I still believe they overstate the value of the non gaming workloads, just because they edit YouTube videos etc etc, most people don't care less about that…. Let alone use it often enough to appreciate the difference.

              I know Intel is substantially better for emulation, unsure if that's changed of late but before it was a big difference.

              I wouldn't pair a 9900k with a mid range GPU too, obviously there's a better balance for systems, if you get a 9900k you get a 2080 and up… If you get a 2060 you go the midrange gpus.


    Oops, linking a better alternative on Amazon got my comment unpublished - my bad. If you do want stupidly fast blinged out RAM, there's a G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB (4266MHz, 19-19-19-39) kit for about $400.

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    I don't understand why the timings on Corsair RAM are so high, or why anybody likes Corsair RAM at all any more :( They used to be my go to, but these days are horribly overpriced.
    You can get a 2x8GB kit of Viper Steel 4400MHz for abour $200 shipped from Amazon US (or similar from AU site with cashback today), which with secondary XMP profile will run at 4266MHz 19-19-19-39 1.35V. Much lower timings, better voltage, and a third of the price of the Corsair.

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    Just terrible


    Terrible purchase unless you have a blind brand loyalty to Corsair and this RAM does something for you down there. There's faster lower latency RGB ram available for cheaper. If you don't care about RGB then there's faster lower latency RAM for literally half this price.