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Bose SoundLink Mini II $135.20, SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones $159.20 Delivered @ Microsoft eBay Store


Seems to be a better price for those who missed the recent Bose deals and if last Bose deal wasn't honored

BOSE SoundLink Mini II Limited Edition - 135.20
Triple Black
Luxe Silver

BOSE SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones - $159.20

BOSE Home Speaker 500 - $359.20

BOSE Solo 5 TV Sound System $199.20

Original Coupon Deal

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    The Bose deal did end up being honoured, FYI (at least for me).

    I received an invoice this morning and a Startrack notification for delivery by today.

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      i havent got the invoice and the delivery notification but paypal now seem to be processed for $101.97 (was showing pending until last night). Hope mine get honoured too :)

      • I noticed payment has been processed now, no more pending. No tracking yet tho.

      • can confirm received delivery for $101.97 today. No tracking detail/notification sent until it got delivered this morning. Only just received sms to pick up the parcel from the locker. Received invoice for $101 like 3 days ago.

    • Mine didn't.

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      They "accidentally" canceled my order paid using Paypal, and I was asked to contact them and pay using credit card.

      They said in the email that they will honor the price.

      Email below:

      Dear <name>,

      Thank you for your recent Bose.com.au order. Unfortunately, there was an issue processing your order, and it was cancelled in error.

      We’re reaching out because we would like to re-order the product for you and honour the price you paid. However, we cannot do so using the PayPal payment option you selected during your original purchase. In order to proceed, we need you to contact Bose directly with an alternative payment method via credit or debit card.

      In order to make this process as efficient as possible, please reference this order number <Order number>.

      Please contact Bose Support by December 31st - we will process and ship it immediately once we hear from you.

      If you were planning to give the headphones as a gift for the holidays, please be aware of the following order dates to guarantee delivery before Christmas:

      Sydney Metro: Friday, December 20th
      Remote / Regional: Friday, December 19th
      Northern Territory: Wednesday, December 18th
      Western Australia: Wednesday, December 18th

      We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

      • What is the suggested way of contacting them? See below, calling them is a nightmare, but I guess we have to work a little bit for that discount. :)

      • 1 hour 3 mins still on hold. It's a shame i have my bose headphones listening to their hold music.

      • Yup, I received the same email. All those naysayers on the other thread were saying it wouldn't be honoured. Oh ye of little faith! :-)

  • My PayPal payment is still in pending. Fingers crossed.

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      Hey mate, check my message and your email. They needed me to contact them and pay using credit card.

      • mine hasnt even been processed via paypal yet. However i got Bose confirmation of the order right after that

        • I'm in the same boat.
          2 hours wait on the phone

          What an arse.

          • @PuppieWayne: scroll down this page there's a link to submit a request form. Just submitted but no hope for them

      • So you called them?

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    I received my delivery. 101 aud sweet

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      I cannot find my confirmation email,and it seems they do not have customer portal on the website as well.

  • Good deal with BOSE SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones plus 20% paypal amex targeted offer.

  • reckon jb hifi will price match?

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    Bose sent me an email saying soundsport wireless was cancelled in error. I have been on hold for nearly an hour!!!

    • Same here, I hung up after an our and submitted a form on their website instead. Based on above commens I'm hopefull the Bose deal will get honoured. No big deal otherwise but then I'd like to get the money back.

      • Hey mate, where is the form on the Bose website? I cant seem to find it under Contact us

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          Me neither (nor the chat function that was mentioned before) but when I googled it I found this:


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          The chat function appears/disappears depending on how busy they are.

          • @dm01: Just leave it, they probably got thousands of orders to process guys! I would only contact if your payment disappears, if it's still pending just wait.

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              @Adelv: We're contacting them because Bose emailed saying to contact them.

            • @Adelv: Not waiting.
              Wanted to have the speaker for a party tomorrow.
              Ordered it last week and if they can't do it, ask them to cancel and I'll get something else

              • -1

                @PuppieWayne: If you ordered it last week, it wasn't even part of the deal. You have a biggie issue!

                • @Adelv: There was a deal on Sunday, I did the same and only got it this morning.

                  • @ldt: I ordered last Sunday, and only received a order confirmation. Saw money taken from my CC on Wed, after witnessing the double stacked coupon abuse here. Still havent received speaker or tracking. Tried calling bose twice today, gave up after 5min. Had to get back to work. Eventually googled the contact form, which doesnt appear on their silly website. Wait and see, but does anyone know a real email address to contact them?

                    • @nowlan: I also ordered on Sunday. Received mine this morning.

        • Coming back to this, they replied the next day and told me my speaker is on its way. :)

    • How much did you pay for this?

      Edit: found some details if anyone interested: probably this deal that's expired - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/503390?page=5#comment

    • yeah im still on hold for over an hour yet. i got the invoice confirmation but no email for shipping

  • Does anyone feedback on the Solo 5 vs yahama ATS-1080? similar price when on special.

    • Bose Soundbar are much better than the Solo.

      • Do you mean the Bose Solo is better than the Yamaha?
        Pulled the trigger and ordered the solo 5. Based on the reviews online, it seems pretty good for $159! (after paypal amex 20% cashback offer)

  • thanks grabbed soundlink mini

    • Hi, just wondering did you grab the black one or the sliver one? The black one I got is not fully sealed, only 4 tapes around it.

  • Soundlink mini OOS

    • Stupid commenting system is banning my comment for affiliate link even though I'm just sharing the link from my eBay app, so I stand to benifit nothing.

      But anyway, if you search for it there are still a few of the silver ones available if you aren't too worried about colour.

  • Just got confirmation of the $101 deal.. delivered today with correct discounted price on invoice

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    Just saw "Free Wireless Headphones" and got excited.

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    I am still waiting for my next day delivery from 5 days ago… and also resolution on the PayPal query for $159. From Bose.

  • I know a lot of people are following this with the recent Bose mess around. Finally got a hold of someone after 2 hours and this is what I've been told and assumed..

    It looks like the huge orders and abuse of discount codes have crashed the system.. although Bose has all the orders and details - they do not have the price the units were bought at.

    I purchased my unit at the $143 rate but when I asked the person to confirm my price (worried they are going to charge me $150), I was told I purchased the unit at $101 and that will be honoured..

    Shipment has gone out and my unit should be here next week..

    My account has not been charged so I can't confirm the amount but let's see what happen.

  • Bought Bose Soundlink Revolve+ speaker from videopro_online eBay for $310.40 after 20% discount. Microsoft sells it for $351.20 after 20% discount.


    Wife already has JBL Flip 3 so I believe the Revolve+ will be a decent upgrade for her this Christmas :)

  • Yes they told me I would be charged the $101 too but I saw 143 on my PayPal so I don’t think she knew what she was talking about. I received an email for alternative payment method as the order was cancelled for both earphones and mini soundlink and yet she only payment processed for one. I anxiously await. Over two hours on phone. Service atrocious!!

  • -1

    Sold out quickly. Was gonna get the Home 500 and return the Soundlink from earlier deal.

  • Thanks. Pulled the trigger on Solo 5 soundbar. 50% discount on inflated RRP of 399. Good that I did not order during the earlier Bose 35% discount deal.

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    Still a few of the silver SoundLink minis left, search for it as the comment system bans my comment when I try to share the link from my eBay app.

    • Got a silver Bose SoundLink Mini II for $135.20.
      Two more available. Thanks brad1601 !

      • No worries :)

  • I brought Bose Solo 5 on Friday morning and payment processed but item is not send yet according to eBay !!! I send them messages but no reply at all ?
    Anyone have same issue ?

    • I purchased Solo 5 on Friday afternoon (probably the last one) and got shipping confirmation/tracking number today with tomorrow's delivery date :)
      Just drop them a message via ebay- they are usually quick to reply.

  • +1

    Bose SoundLink Mini II Limited Edition - Luxe Silver is back in stock

    • Hi, how do you think is the sound quality of the Bose SoundLink Mini II compared to Logitech Z623 speakers?

  • I received the Bose SoundLink Mini II, but it's not fully sealed like the one people bought directly from the BOSE website.
    Anyone else got the same issue?

    • I just received mine (silver) with plastic wrapping over the box, not very sure if it comes sealed.

      • Yeah, it's sealed.
        The black one I got only has 4 tape around it.

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