[Price Error] Nintendo Switch Lite Grey Console $224 @ The Good Guys

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Mod Note: Catalogue is live, and price is showing as $324.

Nintendo Switch Lite down to $224 at The Good Guys according to next weeks catalogue, only Grey advertised at this price.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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    That is cheap!
    Beat the previous best https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/483919

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  • If Amazon match would they offer the other colours?

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    It's almost like no one wants this console…

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      Too lite!

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        I have drift on my Switch and I don’t use it a ton and take care of it. If it happened on a lite I’d be pissed.

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          Big reason I’m so hesitant in buying one :/

          • @justausername: Another thing that I've also thought of is how the value of the dock that comes with the standard switch. A dock is worth just over $100 brand new and from my knowledge isn't essential for using your switch. So what I was thinking is someone could potentially buy a standard Nintendo Switch on sale for roughly $350, then sell the dock and you've got what is basically a Nintendo Lite except with removable controls for almost the same price as the inferior version.

            • @DecoAus: I was under the impression the dock is separate from the switch. You pay for a dock on top of it.

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                @w37hsyea: Nah, regular switches still come with the dock. The lites don't but don't have compatibility either.

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          Nintendo fixed the drift on my 2 year old joycons without charge after I filled out their support form. No questions asked.

          It did take a couple of weeks to get them back and i had to pay to ship it though.

          • @DealsyMcDealsalot: That is a bit cheap with the shipping part. I have had a PS3 back in the day that stopped reading discs and I got in contact with Sony about warranty and they sent me a paid postage slip that I had to print out and then got a brand new console in return.

            • @XVX: Yep, my 360 had the red ring of death a couple of times and Microsoft paid for shipping. Was also long out of warranty as well.

          • @DealsyMcDealsalot: That's good to know. I've got a couple of drifting Joycons.

        • Just get it fixed. They will do it if you ask.

        • then make Nintendo fix it

          • @[Deactivated]: I’ll send it in. Didn’t want to be Joyconless for a while.

    • i have it. it's better than the original

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    Surely an error.

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    Crazy, -gift cards too

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    They should drift out the door at this price!

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      Oh you!

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      Joycons be drifting harder than the sales

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    This is better than the regular console imo

    • Why?

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        People say it's a much better size and weight for handheld usage, which is completely fair I think. All depends on how you are going to use it I suppose.

      • it's comfortable in your hands, the buttons don't click, the screen looks sharper, there's a dpad

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      • yea

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      Switch that doesn’t switch.

  • Good price

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    Lol the normal switch is apparently a hot buy at $459

    • That’s like a full $10 off RRP!

  • No way it is not an error.

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      It was rumored last week on the amazon thread, so I think it's legit.

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    This is even cheaper than that ebay hourly deal that didn't even sell out.

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    Wow! I thought my 250 price was good.

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    I don't need this but will still probably get it.

    Damn it…

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    One of the better deals of the year. Well done. Especially leading up to Xmas. Now I wonder how bad stock levels will be…

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    I got mine on Black Friday for $191.13 courtesy of PPD13.

  • Optimization with cashreward or egift card?

  • Looking for a good deal for switch… hopefully in recent days

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    While it's not relevant to the bargain I suppose, I'm so glad I waited for the Lite, which I bought on release. Literally the perfect gaming unit who has something already hooked up to the telly. At this price you'd be bananas not to.

  • wonder what firmware it is

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      Don't believe any Lites have hackable firmware?

    • +1

      They're patched.

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    Good deal is to find a cheap original ps4 and trade it in with two games (fifa 15 and 16 for $2 each) at EBgames towards a switch. I got $265 trade in for one i bought for $99

    • How do you know what they value trade ins at?

      • +1

        Because i asked them and i did it. They have a promo in their internal systems for a ps4 and 2 games towards a switch

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    Might be possibe to use eBay code if it listed in their eBay store

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    Keep in mind the Switch Lite does not have motion sensor so games that require motion controls such as Mario Party will not be able to be played properly on Lite unless you're willing to fork out another ~$100 for a pair of external Joy-Cons and a charger for them.

    Also you won't be able to enjoy 2 player local co-op on the Lite unless you buy extra Joy-Cons.

  • I figured this was a price error…. seems too cheap for goodguys..

    • Yeah, this has to be pricing error if you look at PS4, Xbox and Switch pricing

  • Damnit! I literally just bought 2x grey Lites this week for full price from JB.

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      Full price? Hand over you OZB badge

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        Fool* price.

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    I remember a previous thread where i said i would wait until the switch is $200 and then buy it. All the ozmorons jumped on the bandwagon and negged the hell out of me. I wonder where they are now.

    • Brand fans are often quick to bandwagon

    • +9

      I'm afraid this deal is still over your budget

    • Welcome to loonie land, it's wackier then usa, but 15 smaller in population 😂 figure that out.

    • "i think in 10 years the price will drop to $200" was a positive 11 votes comment in that thread. 2029 here we come!

    • +1

      Firstly, you posted that on a switch thread, not switch lite

      Secondly this still isn’t $200

      Thirdly…… LOL that it clearly upset you that much. Just lol.

      • You look up my history, I feel famous!

  • I really want to wait till their custom firmware become more mature before buying

    • +1

      Eh? These aren't hackable…

      • I see a few guides laying around but never committed to it

      • +1

        Not yet

    • +1

      Lites are unhackable, and will remain so for a foreseeable future. Unfortunate but true.

  • Lite cannot connect to TV. No point

    • points written elsewhere, you may have to look harder

  • -3

    Besides access to the Nintendo store and Nintendo games what else can you dodo the switch lite.

    Can you browse ozbargain, YouTube, Netflix or watch videos in a browser?

    If it is capable of gaming only it might not pass my limited space check in my every day carry.

    If I can listen to music while not gaming however using YouTube music, Google play music, Spotify, soundcloud or even normal YouTube then I might buy.

    • +10

      Mate. You are on the wrong planet.

      • -1

        Is this not the Zarturos Galaxy?

        Frick did my Universal Positioning Locator make a wrong hyper dimensional drive?

    • +1

      I too want to know what else the switch does, can it accept myki cards and be used to pay toll roads?

      • Lol hey if it can replace my opal card we might have a winner.

    • Totally agree. I told the staff at jbhi that if the switch lite couldn't do my Xmas shopping or tax returns for me, it wasn't worth more than $100.

      • +1

        Personally I want mine to tell me everything will be ok at night and tuck me in bed and close the light.

        And make me breakfast in the morning.

        • Maybe…..just maybe… have a little fun with it..

          Of course, i mean in the gaming way…

          • @spedohero: How else could you have fun asking for a friend

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    I sold my Switch 2019 model and bought a $250 Lite and don’t regret it at all. I love handhelds and this thing is such a better handheld than the bulky and wobbly original Switch. I love it.

    • Let us know when it starts drifting. Mine started after 250 hours of use.

    • do you buy games just for switch lite?
      (might be obvious question for some, looking to buy one for kids who dont have switch, nfi about these)

      • They are the same games as for the regular switch console - is this what you mean?

        • thanks, yea if there was games just for switch lite. which take it switch games go on lite

  • -3

    while it's nice to have everything, a Lite is a bit pointless. you can't customise the joycons like the original. And if you want to play it on the road, take the original out and just bring a power bank or something. and then back at home, you can dock it and play it on the big screen. it's just gimmicks.

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