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Canon EOS RP Body with Bonus "Lucky Strap" $1159.20 (or $1059.20 after Canon Cash Back) + Delivery ($9.95) @ CameraHouse eBay


This popped up on my radar. Great price for entry level full frame mirrorless.

Camera House have dropped the price of the RP on their ebay store to $1449.00, use coupon code PEACHY20 to bring it down to $1159.20. and then apply for the Canon $100 cash back to bring it down to effectively $1059.20

Original Coupon Deal

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    Good price…cheapest it’s been for body only. allows for choice of lens to be considered instead of combined kit. Note: Title price should not include cashback value.


    Does it include EF-R adaptor?

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    It seems all camera manufacturers are having problem pushing out their products (Sony on less degree). I think we will see the prices will keep going down in the near future.

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      I think you are correct. Smartphone cameras have became so much better that people don’t need to buy dslr unless you are hobbyist or professionals, and not to forget the convenience.

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    anyone actually owns this one? feedback would be great.

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      Yeah hobbyist here and I've had one for the past 6 months. I came from a 6D/5D4 and have been using it for a combination of predominantly portraits/kids, wildlife & close-up/macro type shooting and have been perfectly happy with it… I guess I'm somewhat biased as I'm a long-time Canon DSLR user and am accustomed to Canon ergonomics. I've also got a few EF-L lenses which work flawlessly with the RF-EF adaptor - especially the F1.2 lenses as they are now a hell of a lot easier to nail focus with.

      It also allowed me to pair my 100-400mm zoom with a 1.4 extender while keeping autofocus which meant I could offload the 5D4.

      Was a bit rough around the edges upon initial release but with the latest firmware update I can happily say that eye detection AF and AF tracking is now a non-issue and the experience exceeds that of the 5D4. Haven't really looked back…

      Shortcomings are battery life which can be frustrating - just have to carry around spare batteries & low FPS but that hasn't bothered me too much.

      Apparently there are also a few video shortcomings but I just whip out the smartphone for that anyway…

      For what it is, I reckon it's a bargain at this price. :)

      If only RF lenses were cheaper… :(

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