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20% off 216 Selected Stores @ eBay


Let the jacking comments begin.

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00am (AEDT) on 9 December 2019 and ends at 11:59pm (AEDT) on 15 December 2019 (“Offer Period”).

Conditions. The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Selected Sellers, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in five transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

‘Selected Sellers’ means the participating sellers listed at the end of these terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.

Selected Sellers means:
123t Australia
Adelphi Jewellery
Air Diva Beauty
Alcos Online
Appliance Central
Appliance Giant
Aquaholics Aquarium Supplies
Aquaneo Pool Store Online
Azura Runway
Barbeques Galore
Bargain Mayhem
Bargene E-store
Bathroom Reno
Bella Bodies Australia
Benny's Boardroom
Bestart Australia
Billy's Outlet
Boutique Cellar
Camera House
Camera Store Australia
Camping Bargains
Chalet Online
Click Depot
Couture Kingdom
Craft Cartel Liquor
Crazy Victor
CUB Beer
Custom Home Theater
DC Shoes
Decor Point
Dell Australia
Direct Factory Sale
Dollars Warehosue
DOMAIN AIR Online Store
Domain Appliances
Easy Sports Australia
Ecovcas Official Store
Edo LED Lighting
Elegant Showers
Embody Women
Excel Store Online
Exeed Australia
Fendi Flowers
First Choice Liquor
Flash Forward Tech
Flex Fitness Equipment
Flora Livings
For My Petz
Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics
Frozen Outlet
FTC Computers Online
Futu Online
Games We Played
GFL Marketplaces
Gioia Casa Store
Global Export Online
Golf Globe National Discount Centre
Golf Mate Ebisu
Green Gadgets Australia
Hardware Shop to You
Harley-Davidson X Foo Fighters
Hasbro Gaming
Hobby and Game Emporium
Home Bar Beauty
Home Online Superstore
Just Wines
KG Electronic
Kingpin Skate Supply Penrith
Knives Online
Koala Packing
Kong Computers Australia
Life AU Shade
Life Style 2U
Linen Dreams
Luxury Bedding Melbourne
Manchester Factory
Mansfield Hunting & Fishing
Matchbox Australia
Mazuma Mobile AU
Mediaform Computer Supplies
Mint Life Australia
Mobile Mattress
Mr Fresh
Nanny Annie
Nice Lena Store
Nicole's Toys & Gifts
Official Ring Store for Australia
Outbax Camping
Pet and Live Stock HQ
PETstock Online
Press Play Audio
Protein 24:7
Pure Zone Australia
Purple Spoilz
Radio Parts
Reborn Electronics AU
Reo Link
RepoGuys NSW
Roborock Australia
Saloman Australia
Salt and Pepper Homewares
Satin And Lace Lingerie
Scotch & Soda Australia
Shop Now Australia
Shopping Square Outlet
Simple Homewear
SOBRE Smart Living
Sony Australia
Star Wars Outlet
Stella Clothing Australia
Sublime Optics
Sunyee Trading
Supp Kings
Suunto Australia
Sydney Mobiles
Tasteful Delights
Tech Mall
Tennis Direct Australia
The Beauty Club
The Bluetooth Store
The School Locker
The Wine Providore
Top Choice Lighting
Top Clothes 4 You
Treasure PC Online
Trinity Connect
UGG Express Australia
Umidigi Official Store
Videopro Australia
Walnut Melbourne
Wine Market
Work Leisure Play
WORX Power Tools Australia
Zeina's Perfume World
Zinus Australia
Zzz Atelier Outlet Store
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eBay Australia
eBay Australia
Appliance Central
Appliance Central
Australian Camera Sales
Australian Camera Sales
Barbeques Galore
Barbeques Galore

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  • No search link yet?

    • +52

      Give this a go -




      • Thanks dealbot

      • Service Unavailable again.

      • How do you build this search URLs pls?

  • +14

    Can you re-post it in 3 days because I will definitely forget.

    • +11

      Setup a reminder.

      • +1

        That's amazing, ty.

        • +1

          You are welcome

    • +8

      Use the reminder function.

      • -1


      • +33

        Can you remind us later to set the reminder function…

        • I'll try and remember. My brain will be frozen cold in a few days time.

          • +8

            @dealbot: I'll remind you later to remind us.

          • +5


            My brain will be frozen cold in a few days time.

            Oh are 7-11 having a slurpee sale again?

        • +1

          Can you remind me to check ozbargain so that I see the reminder?

          Thanks jv

      • oh yes! i never knew until today :)

  • +5

    Let the jacking comments begin.

    Jack, please stay away.

    • +3

      The Knife ?

      • No that’s Mack.

        • That's his brother

    • +2

      I'm all right Jack keep your hands off of my stack.

    • +3

      also waiting for:

      My code doesn't work
      Out of stock
      Are there any bargains?
      Search link doesn't work
      Any deal on x-item?

    • +2

      Don’t forget the :

      “ also waiting for:

      My code doesn't work
      Out of stock
      Are there any bargains?
      Search link doesn't work
      Any deal on x-item?”

  • +8

    Jack of all trades !!!

    • +13

      Ozbargainer of NONE..

  • Was wondering when it was starting again!!!! here we Go!!!

  • +4

    Unless it's binglee tgg, myer, Dont even bother mostly you goonna get 5% discount.

    • +3

      Bought something from Bing Lee, and they still haven't ship it yet … currently on 5th working day already. Just so everyone is aware of they slow shipping.

      • Similar experience here but to be fair it was clearly stated before I made the purchase

  • +6

    Bond Jack, the name's Jack, James Bond Price Jack!!

  • Any bets on how long it takes First Choice to backflip and yank all their products out? I'm guessing it won't take long.

    • +1

      They've probably got it automated now.

      • With AI?

        • +1

          It becomes self-aware on 9th December 2019 :)

  • +3

    I see "Additional site navigation" is having a sale (bottom of the list).

    • Guaranteed non-jacker.

    • +2

      That’s the eBay after dark website. They only accept BitPal & PayCoin

  • +2

    would someone care to share a search link for these listed sellers?

  • +1

    can someone post a search link ?

  • +2

    In 3 days

    3 days to jack their prices 🙄

  • Sweet! I missed out on the 20% off Black Friday sale.

  • +1


    • Is the list

  • Looks like search is broken

  • +3

    Still with the $300 Max discount. Where's the Christmas spirit??

  • +8

    I'm waiting for 216% off 20 stores

  • +3

    All the VA's are working overtime to jack the prices up….lol

    • +3

      A few sellers I closely monitor don't even bother changing their prices. They leave them at least 20% above RRP all the time.

      Which is criminal, if you ask me. When I quizzed them, they said that their ebay business only really moves stuff when they go into the promos. Their actual net discount to the consumer is less than 1% .

      Search Xhunter au.

      Ebay should really clamp down on this practice.

      • +2

        It's a marketplace though.. sellers can list/charge whatever they want. As a customer, we get the luxury of choosing who/where we buy from.

        i.e. I don't think eBay needs to "clamp down" on them… just means noone will buy from them when there's no discount.

      • +1

        Xhunter au

        Sounds like a pr0n0 site lol

  • +1

    Ebay loves their 20% price jack algorithm. Where's the fun?

  • +9

    I want to see a JACK20 coupon code. At least we'd get a laugh…

    • +3

      Using the coupon increases the prices by 20%

      • +3

        That would be a funny april fools prank

      • 40% because it's already JACKED!

    • The codes always start with P for some reason

      • +1

        Perfect then. Price Jack.

  • +11

    instead of all these 20% deals…ebay should spend some money working on its browsing interface…. its UI is way outdated.

  • let the jacking begin

  • Jack it good

  • +2

    If Jack the dog helped you, would you help jack the dog?

  • Any of these stores sell Weber BBQs?

  • +4

    The Jackening

  • Finn & Jack

  • Typical dodgy eBay deals, full of dodgy sellers that are deliberately overlooked by an increasingly dodgy company (eBay).

  • +2

    "Maximum discount $300".Merry Christmas from Ebay.

  • OP mentioning jacking is on point.

  • good for Christmas gift

  • +3

    Can't help but feel poolandspawarehouse isn't a great choice for a business name…

  • -2

    156 upvotes but in three days, there will be as many negs.


    • Jack the st(ripper)

  • +2

    I mean JACK THE RIP OFF !!!

  • Need electric scooter deal

  • Hopefully Appliance Central keep the Hisense 55R7 at the same price - will be a historical low w/ 20% off

  • Yeah, so I just sent through a message to someone buying for my not-so secret Santa…the price of this SAK was around $45 earlier today…jeez.

    Edit: admittedly, not from this seller, but KO is usually the cheapest most reliable seller.

  • Good stuff, thanks for the advanced warning……I best buy now before the prices go up.

  • +4

    196 upvotes yet not a single BARGAIN? Is this Oz ADVERTISING?

    • Agree, but I did pick up 2 slabs of fat yak Pac ale for $74.

      Leffe Blond $64 is an absolute bargain.

  • How is this a deal again? So over these in “X” days deals..

  • First choice reduced their range?

  • Kingpin Skate Supply Penrith
    first choice liquor

    20% off sounds good… thanks

  • +9

    Appliance central is in the process of jacking the prices. 3 TVs on my watchlist just jumped by 25%
    65r7 went from $1025 to $1270.
    75r7 went from $1795 to $2290.

    Of course they created a new listing for this and removed the old by they do this every time a 20% comes around.

    • +2

      It sounds silly but I lodge an accc complain every time. Never had a response and don’t really expect one but what else can ya do?

      I find it misleading that Ebay can advertise 20% off when everything is jacked.

      • +1

        Oh and those dodgy pricks 'dropped' the price back to $1190 and eBay is sending out specific price reduction notifications about the item. Very deceptive.

      • The more people that do it the higher chance they'll look into it, and have more evidence available to them. It would take them a while to figure out whether to set a precedent of going after the "marketplace" (ebay) or the individual stores. They'd need to be careful how they approach it

    • As I commented earlier the 55R7 has also jumped from $799 to $980

  • Any shops for Antler/Samsonite luggage?

  • I’m sure this has been asked many times, but can I “buy” an item before the offer goes live and then pay for it with the discount code once the offer goes live?

    • Stores don't give you the option to pay later. You need to pay to secure the item. Almost 10am now anyway!

    • No only add it to your cart…but the sale is live anyway

  • which of these stores has good ssd prices?

  • Omg Pixel 3 prices are up from Phonebot

  • Is there a stupid reason why this code isn't working for me?

    Trying to buy the tenda nova mw6 mesh router from futu_online but everytime I try to add the code it says it cant be applied to this order. Am I doing something stupid?

    • Im getting the same issue has anyone found a solution for this its pretty annoying…

    • I also read a comment that it could be your ebay account is registered under another country when you first started..
      so best off contacting the resolution centre and migrate it over to the Australian Ebay so it can work
      i have not done it yet but i will tomorrow hopefully it'll work.

      • I think its to do with my account as it works when i use my wife's account.

    • I spoke to ebay Australia and they said to me it was registered under the US ebay and not the AU that's why there was difficulties. Give them a call took 15 mins and get it transferred it was instant.