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[Android] Free - Spec Defense, MechCorp @ Google Play

  • Spec Defense - was $3.69, Rated 4.1, No Ads/IAP, Expires 21/12, permissions - vibration
  • MechCorp - was $7.49, Rated 4.6, No Ads/IAP, Expires 21/12, permissions - internet access

Spec Defense is a thinking man's tower defense with strategy and puzzle-solving thrown in for a good mix. It's designed to be one thing and one thing only, an engaging tower defense experience with loads of strategic depth

MechCorp. is a turn-based-tactics/strategy game where you take command of a mercenary mech squadron in space. Decide which battles to fight and what contracts to pursue while managing every aspect of the squad including mech lineup, crew management, research and production

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