Archicad Render / Bimcloud PC Parts Suggestions

Hi team,
We have a small architecture company looking to spend $1500 on a PC server to run Graphisoft Archicad Bimcloud. Not much $ but we're trying to stretch the $. We'll put it together ourselves.

Graphisoft post a recommendation page here, though it doesn't detail the whole suggested build.

Looking for anyone who's put one together or can make suggestions, specifically about best bang for buck motherboard and CPU combo at the moment. Graphisoft recommend Quadro cards, which seem overpriced. Other cards will work though they don't seem to test many of them and post the results.

CPU: ryzen 7 8 core? From forums it seems buy the most cores you can afford.
MB: I have nfi, just needs 4 ram slots and be M-ATX size
Graphics: Keen to hear best alternative to Quadro.
Ram: just buy the fastest least flashy Crucial?
Power: EVGA Gold

Machine will be headless and run 24/7, rendering complex models and serving the 3d info via bimcloud to 4 or more client computers.

If you've got time to drop any suggestions would be appreciated.



    "Graphisoft recommend Quadro cards, which seem overpriced."

    But looking at the graphic cards they recommend they say
    "We do not recommend the following graphics cards:

    NVidia Quadro FX and Quadro (Fermi architecture) series
    AMD FireGl series

    Wondering if there is a major typo? Also the information is dated June 2018
    Probably best to add to post graphic cards should be

    "OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics card with dedicated memory of 1024 MB or more is recommended to fully utilize hardware acceleration capabilities."

    The information on the difference between gaming cards and professional cards is important also as is the need for correct drivers.

    I'd suggest to comply with their best practices and NOT get caught out by a budget build I'd add a few dollars to your budget

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      Cheers! I found that confusing, seemed to contradict itself. Yep the Quadro line seems to be a fave of both the major CAD software companies, the drivers are v important. Now to suss out Intel or AMD - and add some $ as you say.


        I'm not much on the hardware needs of rendering, however if you look at most authorities they recommend hyperthreading and many cores. an inexpensive amd would be a threadripper 12 core

        I think the main problem you;ll face is internet access speed and internal memory if its to be a server for 4 offices/users then 32 gb may only just be enough 64 gb would probably be the recommended
        than you have to buy a compatible mobo that accepts 64 gb then you have to have fast reliable NBN or business will be crippled and fast reliable NBN in oz I'll leave that one for others to comment on :)
        Perhaps look at the near new 2nd hand market from unis that do courses in heavy duty rendering or games production courses like maya, 3dMax all all that great stuff I wish I was skilled at.

        Maybe you know a uni IT person that has links to manufacturers?

        Sorry I can't help more than general stuff.
        I do wish you well and success in the venture


          Awesome, you've helped alot. The CPU was the last question really. The mobo will have to have a few ram slots as archicad makes a copy of the model and keeps it in ram per user. Our model can be ~2GB so it adds up. Thanks again

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            @georles: get a mobo that support M2. slot 2280 ssd make that your scratch disk ( hold the copy etc ) these are a ssd on a stick similar to a stick of ram I have a 512 gb one as a boot disk absolutely screams

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