$199 Sony WH-1000XM3 @ Wazaby Store Adelaide


Scam or what..? Seems way too low. Dodgy stock or counterfeit?


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    That address in Adelaide is the Hotel Grosvenor.

    The phone number seems heaps dodgy.

    Just avoid.

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      Yup totally agree, thanks.
      I'm selling a pair on Facebook marketplace and this guy wants me to price match this website's price. Hah :)

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        Also I think the guy tried to buy from the site but said 'his card details wouldn't accept'.. RIP card mate

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        Ah, the good old shit show that is Facebook Marketplace. I stopped selling stuff on there because of how f**king dumb people can be. Good luck.


          Oh man.. So true. Some people are so flakey and rude on there.
          Most however, have been great to deal with.

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    1. Phone number has been disconnected.

    2. They don’t accept PayPal.

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    If you have any question, please call us at (661) 261-8713.
    We’re here 24/7/265.

    Not sure what goes on with the other 100 days


    They now teleported to NSW

    Wazaby Online Store
    22 Rhodes Avenue
    Naremburn, NSW 2065
    +61 388997414

    Contact is showing in Rhodes and google map is showing Vietnamese?!?

    Dodgy as hell! Avoid!

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    Dodgy stock or counterfeit? Neither, straight up scam that won't involve you receiving anything, other than fraudulent charges on your credit card! AVOID!

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    Scored 2 pairs with an Officeworks price match, might try get some more for delivery


    I also like that we won't pay VAT, thats nice of them….

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