Petrol Prices a Disgrace?

Petrol stations pump the unleaded price up to over $1.70 a litre just in-time for Christmas and school holidays?

How is this allowed?

Shouldn’t the ACCC be doing something?

Someone in the community want to explain how this is allow?


    • Try living outside of a CBD you goose.

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        Humans have been migrating to central cities for centuries. It's a trend. Living outside of the suburbs surrounding the CBD(15-20 min travel time) would reduce the quality of my life, I'll stay where I am thank you.

        • Way to miss the point. Lots of people don't live in the CBD, therefore need a car. Also my quality of life is much better outside the CBD.

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    Get a 150cc scooter, you'll average about 2 litres/100km.

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    Petrol prices are the problem? It costs maybe an extra $10 to fill up your tank.

    How about electricity rates? Do you know how much they've increased in the last 10 years?

    I know you don't live in Sydney OP, but housing prices are just terrible.
    I'm amazed at how cheap the other states are by comparison.

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      Amen Sydney house prices are shocking I said I wouldn't drive if fuel went over $1 still driving :)

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        Fuel to some people is almost a perfectly inelastic good.
        If it reaches $2/L, people will still use it because they need it.

        I catch public transport personally as it's $3 for a 2hr express train or $25 driving. There's also the added benefit of being able to be productive for 2 hours.

        Sydney house prices are astonishing. The median value is about double as expensive as Brisbane and almost 1.5x that of Melbourne.

    • It costs maybe an extra $10 to fill up your tank

      Yeah, this. We only get irate about petrol prices because we see them every day. We know what they were yesterday, so when they go up, we notice it. If we were billed for electricity on a weekly basis, we would quickly find something else to be angry about.

  • Just filled up this morning $1.45 in Victoria.

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    in other countries around the world when petrol prices go up they protest.

    what do we do?

    walk to the counter and pay for the tank

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      When you read the comments if some people on this forum you realise why Australia is f***ed people are to stupid/lazy/complacent when they are blatantly getting ripped off

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        Ha Ha Ha

        People have voted a coal & oil burning liberal government 3 elections in a row.

        They aren't going to stand up to big oil. The libs promised to look into the fluctuations in price years ago, it got swept under the rug and now focus on more important matters like religious freedoms.

        Want to complain? Talk to your MP and their opposition.

      • the level of intelligence is amazing. these people would ban teaching of arabic numerals here lolololol

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        And if you do complain… You are usually told to go back where you came from

      • In other countries, the price of petrol is alot higher.

    • Protesting a private business for not selling you something you want for cheaper?

      Should we do the same at restaurants? Did you see the price of Pad Thai recently!!!?? Let's all conduct a useless, likely violent and destructive march to defy the code of capitalism and lynch the private corporations into succumbing to our demands. It's what civilized societies do…

  • Supply + Demand = You Lose

  • Read the comments OP, you can clearly see why they CAN keep the price 1.70!! PEOPLE DON’T CARE! 😉

  • Isn’t it based on speculation and oil news? Very recently it jumped up because Saudi Arabia announced it will produce the lowest amount of oil in ages or something to that effect. Very quickly after that the petrol prices jumped up.

    The opposite thing happened a few months ago when Trump did something to lower the oil prices by releasing US stockpiles.

  • that's not an xmas thing. It's just part of the normal cycle.

  • Buy a Tesla, that'll solve your problem.

    (But may also create more problems.)

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    Yesterday Costco was selling petrol for 127.7. On the same day some stations were offering petrol for 169.9. People do have a choice where they shop.

  • PULP98 is only $1.50 in Kulnurra NSW

    Surprisingly it's still $1.64 in Lewisham

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    Stop buying heavy ass SUV and fullsize 4WD trucks if you are worried about the cost of fuel. Instead get a fuel economy hybrid which gets 3-4 litres / 100km.
    Look around in traffic next time and see how many people are driving by themselves, stuck in traffic and burning fuel in the SUVs.

    Its been great for me who is a shareholder of CTX since I got it at $1.60 and have a 22x return not including all the yummy dividends!!

    • Its been great for me who is a shareholder of CTX since I got it at $1.60 and have a 22x return not including all the yummy dividends!!

      Then stop advising people to buy hybrid cars ;)

    • Yup, same with performance-oriented cars. Most high-end German cars are either V6 or V8. It's puzzling seeing people use them as daily drivers on their own. Petrol prices are almost a non-issue with a standard 4-cylinder Jap or Korean car.

      I have a V8 hobby car and only use it on the track every weekend or so. To think people drive this everyday to work is laughable when you hear complaints about cost of living and fuel.

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  • Where's it $1.70/L? I just filled up for $1.96/L!

    • It's $1.493/L if you have a project03 helicopter 😉😉

      • Can you plz give details of project03? Is their a guide to follow?

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    A chopper and 7/11 price lock app has changed my life. No longer bothered by the petrol price.

    • It didn't cost the taxpayer $5000 as well amirite ;)

      • Doesn't the helicopter use more fuel though?

  • It wouldn't happen in France.

  • There were many enquiries in the past about petrol pricing. Oil companies are very powerful

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    Maybe the petroleum stations in their own way are encouraging us to buy electric cars? How nice of them to be Tesla fans!

  • People you think you can complain about this robbery is already a robber himself. Either he us selling hiked price fuel or he is a stakeholder in the profits indirectly.

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    Buy EV

  • oil is a commodity

  • Either get an electric car or a diesel.
    No fuel cycle then

  • $1.70? I paid $1.84 (less 24c discount) yesterday at a Coles Express for U95. Crazy prices.

  • I knew the guy who use to be the fuel price analyst for Caltex (so the guy that would set the price in the system for the Caltex stations to replicate on site). He showed me how they price the fuel and it actually has very little to do with what the cost of oil is recently, and more to do with cycles and super cycles within the domestic market. They are absolutely taking advantage of people to make money, but it is a money making enterprise so…..

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    PetrolSpy mobile app, when it comes to petrol it is a massive life saver!

    When I see the first petrol station goes up, I immediately locate the cheapest with the app and fill up before the high cycle starts on all stations.

  • Remember 2 months ago when there was an attack on the Saudi supplies?

    Someone did some analysis of the individual margins that go into petrol prices and this was the result.

    Fuel industry margins (before/after Saudi attack)

    Gross Margins Pre-attack Post-attack Difference
    Trading 6 cpl 6 cpl 0
    Refining 2.5 cpl 7.5 cpl +5 cpl
    Wholesale 7 cpl 7 cpl 0
    Retail (Melbourne) 6 cpl 33 cpl +27 cpl
    Retail (Brisbane) 6 cpl 42 cpl +36 cpl

    (cents per litre)

  • Call me crazy but I recall watching this thing about the m1 Abrams tank.. it has some sort of jet turbine engine and can run on any hydrocarbon fuel petrol diesel kerosene alcohol now if the same type of engines just scaled down where in cars would give a hell of alot different fuel alternatives.. alternatives means competition to the petrol/oil companies.

    Second crazy idea hydrogen, yes splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen is an inefficient process ie takes more energy to do than you get out however we have plenty of cheap energy in Australia namely coal and gas so we could stop being enviro (profanity) and just convert what energy we have into more usable forms instead of getting it from the middle easy via Singapore.

    Third crazy idea single desk, the pharmacuetical companies hate australia and the pbs where the government buys in bulk and sets the price the pharmaceutical either accepts the offer or loses the business why not do the same thing for petrol products? Petrol demand is quite predictable and even if they buy too much we need to have reserves anyway…

    • I vote for 3

  • Petrol still costs more in Europe and New Zealand.

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      Depends which country in Europe was in Russia and petrol was about 1$ a litre

      As for New Zealand - who gives a f***?

  • get a gas car, 70 cents per liter, im winning
    your options are limited to a a very few cars, well one actually, fg falcon 2012+ (xr, xr6, g6, G^E) eco lpi (factory lpg) the only difference between this and a petrol version is that you fill it up with gas, no other down sides. starts the same, drives the same (actually more torque than petrol variant) full size trunk. and enjoy 70 cents per liter gas and thrash all day without leaving a hole in your pocket.

    • LPG engines use almost twice as much fuel to generate the same amount of power compared with petrol engines. So in reality you're only a few cents per litre better off and then you have to factor in the higher cost of the car and/or putting in an LPG system to an existing car.

  • Supply and demand. It sure is better than having fuel shortages like the ones that existed in the 70s and 80s when prices were controlled by the government. Odds and evens anyone?

  • They're still on par with the price of Milk, and cheaper than bottled water.

    Have you considered not consuming it at alarming rates?

  • EV hahaha that's cute.
    I don't see any plans for nuclear power plants being built in the next 20-50 years in Australia.

  • It was time to refill my tank. I went to Costco and refilled. It cost $1.32 per liter while other servo charge $1.70. I saved about $17.00. Go to Costco. Simple.

    • E10 or 91 fuel? :)

      P03 helicopter allows you to go to any 7/11 to get it at 129.9cpl at this point in time for 91 fuel :)

  • This is one of the moments where i say "I want a Cybertruck"………

  • Search around to see if you can find a better deal at a smaller petrol station - do this later at night on a week day. Where I am prices seem to drop late at night on weekdays and sky rockets during the day and weekends.

  • I use a fuel app.
    Usually save 20c/L on 95.

  • Never been bothered by fuel prices. I've done a lot of long-distance walking in my time, either by choice, tradition, or necessity, and it's taught me that petrol and cars are really not expensive for what you get.

    I also live in a semi-remote suburb, which requires a car to get to any form of shops or public transport. I think too many people are judging fuel prices because they live somewhere which hardly requires them to own a car, so they see no value in paying for it.

    For many people, just being able to drive to work everyday without rubbing butts with strangers on a crowded rusted container is worth the extortionate price for fuel. With some basic searching you can still get 98 premium for around $1.53. Buy yourself a basic economy car and you can fill up with regular or even E10 for around $1.35.

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    Also, I strongly recommend an e-Bike. I always thought they were a novelty for lazy people but they're a great way to get around with minimal effort. I'm quite fit but I don't want to be huffing and puffing in my good clothes on the way to work in heavily polluted areas. With the bike I can easily do over 15km without breaking a sweat.

  • Get yourself a bargain simply by not going to Coles Express. They will hike the prices a week earlier than all and will not drop it a week after the fall. Coles Express is driving the fuel prices crazy. How come the trend has changed to 170cents a litre and then drop to 120 cents a litre. This is a huge gap. The pattern has gone as well so no one can predict when the prices will be low ao to fill tank full of fuel when it's cheap. It used to be every Tuesday of week when the prices were lowest enabling buyers to refill and save, not anymore. And if you are a flybuys member, the timing of offer you receive to save 20 cents a litre will mostly be between the period when prices are spiked by this scumbag mop.

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      Perhaps be thankful that they drop their prices at all, instead of complaining they don't do it when you want.

      • -1

        Geez, you really must be a troll.

        • How is that trolling? Ranting that private businesses don't drop their prices often enough or exactly when you want them to is an excessive form of entitlement. It's neither legally, economically, or socially sensible.

          This is the way the free market works. The onus is on consumers to find the best price instead of demanding that it gets given to them at first glance. If you don't like it, go to a Socialist country and see how long until you need to eat zoo animals to survive.

  • Better we stop calling ourselves foolish by going to them and look for brighter side of 50 cents a litre less already selling price, that way not calling ourselves slaves of discounted prices!

  • Stems from an equally corrupt labour and liberal party willing to do nothing for the people

  • I read the comment here about LPG. It is about half of price of petrol and many disadvantages that they used to have are no longer an issue.
    However the installation cost I got so far is about $4k to $4500. That would take around 4 to 5 years to recover the investment. ;-/
    I will be checking for other quotes to see if I can find a better one.

  • Taking things in perspective, Australia petrol prices are not the most expensive. Only USA as a western developed country is cheaper. Imagine you live in Hong Kong…

  • $1.70 in Metro Melb, $1.30 in Geelong. Might be actually cheaper for some to drive to geelong to fill up.

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