Petrol Prices a Disgrace?

Petrol stations pump the unleaded price up to over $1.70 a litre just in-time for Christmas and school holidays?

How is this allowed?

Shouldn’t the ACCC be doing something?

Someone in the community want to explain how this is allow?


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    Shameful. Buy an oil field and make your own fuel.
    Save on petrol. Ride a bike.

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      A bicycle is a good idea.

      It's actually better that the petrol price goes up. The higher the better. There is a climate emergency, and people should be discouraged from burning fossil fuels.

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        reply to stringer…

        Said every city-slicker ever.

        Not everyone lives in the concrete jungle with all the other monkeys and have to drive very long distances just to get to work. Riding a pushbike for a couple of hours each way (even if you carry all your stuff on it) in 35c plus temperatures is about as silly a suggestion as anyone could make. If you have to treddle 5 minutes to get to your public transport options then fair enough. BTW, did you know that milk comes from cows?

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          Living and working in/near the city is great. I commute 22km daily on an electric scooter. It gets charged at my desk in my office too.

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            @eek: I'm happy for you. Like I said, not everyone has those options.

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              @EightImmortals: I live 70km from my office. Already it can take up to 2.5 hours to get to the office. I drive to the station. If I was to ride to the station, it would add another 30 minutes commute. 3 hours each way. Not to mention then having my bike on a train that is already standing room only.

              Sometimes it is just necessary to have a car. Some people like me prefer the lifestyle that I get from a larger block of land and dont want to live in the inner city.

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                @blawler05: I'm with you bro. :)
                I was just replying to the guy who reckons rising petrol prices were a good thing as everyone can otherwise just hop on their pushy and somehow 'save the planet'. I would counter that rising petrol prices are a bad thing as the more money we are paying for fossil fuels the less I have to save up for a hybrid or EV. :)

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                  @EightImmortals: I am lucky where I live I have a Costco fuel that is always way cheaper than everywhere. Plus the fuel rise is cyclical, so its often easy to anticipate when its going to rise and fill up before hand. Its about fuel management.

                  I find people who complain about fuel prices are the people who drive their cars until the light flashes telling them to fill up.

                  I have filled up when the tank was only 1/4 used because it was on the cheap end of the cycle.

                  Sometime i get caught out, because its been busy and I haven't been watching my fuel consumption, or there was an unexpected trip somewhere.

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                @blawler05: @blawler05

                I live 70km from my office. Already it can take up to 2.5 hours to get to the office.

                You should move to Shepparton. (Save 30 minutes/day, and earn $10k more p.a.)

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                @blawler05: You could leave your bike locked up at the train station instead of taking it on the train


                  @AndrewCh: No thanks. Riding to the station will make a 2.5 hour trip into a 3 hour trip. I will drive thanks.

                  And so many bikes have been stolen from the train station bike lockers.

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                    @blawler05: This may sound like a hugely entitled comment so apologies in advance; but have you considered either changing your work so it is in a location closer to you, or moving to be closer to your work?
                    If your job is so specialised that you can't get a replacement position within a 1hr commute then it should be paying big $$$ to compensate for the rarity of the position/skills required. On the other hand if locked up bikes are regularly stolen from a train station, you may want to consider your personal safety living in that area.



                      1. Close to home is not an option
                      2. I am very well compensated for my skills
                      3. I don't live in the area. I am a 20/30 minute drive from the station. However bikes being stolen from train stations is not an issue only at my train station, it is a sydney wide issue, and is on the rise.

              @EightImmortals: True, but 90+% of people live in urban areas, and a good portion of those commute to a single workplace rather than travel around.

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            @eek: Does your company know about this? That's a no no for us and I work for an energy company

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          bloody zoomers, back in my day we had to walk 20kms to school bare feet in snow


          My first thought exactly, SMH.

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        Just don't get run over by drivers looking at their screens .
        Besides that danger watch out for people effected by drugs .
        No concerns ?


        News flash zoomer, paying more taxes or voting for the greens isn't going to help the climate.


      No no, you have to form a political party, run for office, get elected and then get legislation passed to stop price gouging!


      "get off the tit".

      I dislike the BS games too, but the frustration stems from one's own reliance on it.

      Daily driver: fuel sipping diesel
      Hobby car: fuel guzzling muscle car

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    Nothing new here

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    How long you been driving bud?

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      11 years since the day after i turned 18 but it amazes me how they can get away with this?

      this is the biggest hike i've seen in my life.

      Literally was 1.32 i drive past 2 days later and its 1.76 how? That is a 44 cent jump in two days unless there was multiple drone strikes in the gulf nations i dont see how that is allow?

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        Even if there WAS drone strikes, why would that increase the price of the petrol you are buying from the petrol station that already bought their petrol when it was cheaper?
        They are just rorting the shit out of us, because they can, and they will take any widely televised/tweeted event and use it as an excuse if they possibly can.

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        Public holiday prices

        Some consumers think petrol prices increase by more than usual just before public holidays and long weekends.

        Our last detailed review of prices in the five largest cities around every public holiday found that, on average, public holiday price increases were no larger than the usual price cycle increases during the year.

        These price rises may be more noticeable before holiday weekends because many motorists are making long trips and using more petrol than usual.

        What do you want the ACCC to do? They clearly state prices can be set by the wholesalers and retailers. There's no regulation.

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        Its called the fuel cycle.

        They all "restore" at the same time to a high price and then drop it each day for a week or so (depending on your state).

        Its shameful.

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          Its called the fuel cycle.

          Yeah.. Just time your fills when it's at the lowest point. Check your capital city's fuel check app for the prices. Heck even the ACCC show the cycle

          Don't really understand what the OP is complaining about tbh.


          Yes, I can understand fluctuations in prices, but I have trouble accepting that it fluctuates at an agreed rate through the region - but most people don't seem concerned.

          I'd be much more concerned if I used a significant amount of fuel.



            Yes, I can understand fluctuations in prices, but I have trouble accepting that it fluctuates at an agreed rate through the region - but most people don't seem concerned.

            I would be concerned if the fluctuations weren't uniform. When you're all basically buying from the same supplier, price increases will hit you all the same.

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        That is a 44 cent jump in two days unless there was multiple drone strikes in the gulf nations i dont see how that is allow?

        What are you guys even talking about? You do realise that this region supplies a minuscule (like 5% or so) of our refined petroleum?

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        house prices are evene a bigger rip off but nobody is complaining, welcome to Australia open your wallet to the govt and breathe the best air quality in the world

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          hah nobody is complaining? Have you checked the internet or watched any tv over the past 5 years?

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          Even state govt. Openly saying they are upset stamp duty has dropped. Govt, people all want house prices to keep rising as Australia has no other industry to generate revenue apart from migration and high prices.

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        'Because they can' is the only answer you need. Don't expect ANY assistance form the political class, they know who their real masters are and not many of them will bite the hand that feeds them. Just pay your tithes and keep on moving. It's how the world works.


        It's their petrol. They're allowed to sell it to you at any price. You're not entitled to their petrol.


        I wish I couldn't hear you over the sound of my EV, but it's so quiet I'm now wishing it was salt powered.

        We should add a $1 per litre tax for oil and use it to fund solar farms.


        11 years? At which point were you starting to be amazed?

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        get 7 eleven app and lock fuel in. fill up when its at the low (usually every 2-3 weeks) and lock in at the same time, then fill up again in a week at locked in price but when fuel is high again.

        edit: plus they have $1 slushies

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    you don't have to buy it
    good ol' supply and demand

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