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[Android] Paladin $0.99 (Was $2.99) @ Google Play Store


I saw this game at the reduced price and picked it up with my Google Rewards credit. It plays very nicely and has a just-one-more-iness to it. Uses very little battery, no ads, and no microtransactions that I can see. hex-based roguelike, reminds me of another android game I have played called Hopalite.

edit My mistake, there is in-game currency purchases, but they are not really in your face. In three sittings I have managed to earn about 400 coins fwiw.

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    That's the prove of 2-3 surveys. I'll give it a go.


    Ewww, "run on startup" permission. No game should run when my device just booted up or in the background without me instigating it.

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      Hey I had missed that in the Playstore description, but for what it's worth, the app information in the Settings of my phone says "no permissions requested". ¯_(ツ)_/¯


      Hey Popo, I'm the creator. I have no idea why it's requesting that permission, it certainly does not need anything at startup. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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