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[PS4] Days Gone $24, Detroit: Become Human $24, No Man's Sky $19, PlayStation Hits Games $17, More @ JB Hi-Fi


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  • +7

    Great price on Days Gone!

    • Worth getting?

      • Yep. As I said in another thread, you need to stick with it through the first 10 hours. Once you hit the 10 hour mark (roughly), the game becomes a fulfilling experience.

        • +7

          I'm usually happy if a games winds up by the 15-hour mark - don't have time for a game that really only begins at 10-hours!

          Am sure it's great, but I'll need to leave my copy for someone with a little bit more time to game.

          • +1

            @fookos: I have this game Plantiumed.

            Best game I have played 2018. Sekiro was a bit too hard for me :(

        • +1

          you need to stick with it through the first 10 hours

          That isn't selling it to me :P

        • First 10hrs? haha ok!

  • Some great deals in there. Btw it's Blood & Truth OP :)

    • +1

      Hungover, thanks :)

  • Is the Detroit game any good?

    • +6

      Very good if like choice driven story games

    • +4

      Just finished it last night. Excellent. Some choices you make will move you….like….which kitchen chore to do first :p

      But seriously, there are difficult choices to make.

    • Do you have ps+ subs? Check whether it’s in your library already.

    • +2

      One of the best for PS4
      But bigw has it for $20

  • +2

    +1 for the effort!!

  • +3

    Amazon match it please !

    • Agree!!

  • is no man's sky any good?

    • +2

      Since the latest patch, yes very good. not a game for everyone but i've really enjoyed it.

      • what did the patch do?

        • added a bunch of content, some of which should have been included with the launch release.

          • @ry34: Not sure whether to PS4, or PC with joystick for control.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, seems like Detroit: Become Human is also $20 at EB Games now.

  • signed up for prime to buy days gone, total cost of $35. spewing

  • +1

    Last days $39 then $28 and now $24 , how low will it go

  • +5

    Everybody knows Knack 2 is the real deal here

    • +3

      Okay Dunkey

    • Knacksterpeice 10/5 for graphics alone

  • Days Gone reviews not that good. Is it a good game?

    • Great game. Very slow at the start though.

    • Very enjoyable if you like open world games. The platinum trophy is easy to get as well.

  • +2

    I am so excited to pick up a copy of the weirdly sexually-focused Everybody's Golf VR. That's a pretty good price. I can't wait to hang out with my anime caddy and pretend I'm interested in golf.

  • Anyone know if the order 1886 is any good?

    • +7

      It's short but excellent. Remains one of the best visual masterpieces of the generation and woefully underappreciated.

      For the original full price at launch, I can understand why it got shot down.

      For $10…it's a must.

    • +2

      $10 it's worth it. But it's not a bargain at that price.

      It is good in some regards, but woeful in others. A real disappointment, as it could have been far better with time. But it has it's own style, tone and story which can be appreciated.

      If you compare it in terms of gameplay to the likes of Uncharted 4 you will be disappointed. If you treat it like a release game that fell short you may be satisfied enough.

  • +1

    Oh, just bought Days Gone $28 from Amazon on Saturday, is there any chance Amazon can price match and refund the difference?

    • +2

      I got a price reduction from $39 to $28 as a goodwill gesture as I wrote that I would return it but others have not had the same experience but I won't push it again. I guess there is never a good time to buy and I have always had great service with Amazon in regards to replacementsbabd refunds of damaged goods

      • +3

        Maybe consider 28degrees price protection

        • +1

          I was considering it, how easy is it to claim?

      • I wait to the end of today if Amazon can price match JBHifi, if they do then I can politely ask them.

  • Looks like Amazon has now price matched most of these

    • +1

      They haven't matched Days Gone - Amazon still listing that at $61!

      • That's actually a third-party listing for a store called City Of Games. Looks like Amazon themselves are out of stock.

      • The game was $24 this morning, I added it to cart but didn't buy.

    • Hardly

      • Which ones haven't? All the ones I have checked are matched

  • +1

    Hahaha typical I bought Days Gone from EB for $28 and JB does it better. Ohhh well still a good price.

  • Blood and Truth VR - I did the demo and wasn’t bad. Does the experience sustain itself?

    • Yes. & post game has some arcade shooter part
      AstroBot is better though. Don’t miss that one

      • Thanks mate. I've already got Astrobot - haven't finished it yet, but I agree with you fully! It's a blast!

  • Is uncharted 4 worth getting for someone who has never played any of the series?

    • +1

      Then why not get that plus the remastered trilogy which is also on sale?

  • +1

    Thx thought I missed Days Gone @ $28. Saving!

  • Detroit is $20 at EB if anyone is interested.

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