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Roasted & Salted Pistachios and Cashews 1kg $16.99 @ ALDI


Stock up for Christmas, part of their weekly specials.

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    I hate salted ones, is there any place that dont sell salted???

    • Aldi have raw ones

      • have been having the raw ones for a while
        decently priced at $16 per kilo
        however the current cashews have a mild fishy odour
        taste fine, and I feel fine
        perhaps a dodgy batch?

        Just read Blue cats tip
        will call customer service tomorrow

    • I have found that if you shake the bag vigorously, most of the salt settles at the bottom making it generally less salty.

      • You are right. I usually sieve the cashews to reduce the salt before keeping them in an airtight container.
        These lots are not too salty; have had other brands where they remain very salty despite sieving.

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    i've found the aldi nuts are imported and poor quality/burnt and yuck, prefer to pay for coles/woolworths australian pistachios, much better quality

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      Half way through a KG of ALDI pistachio's. Not a burnt one in the lot so far and they are roasted very very well. The quality is exemplary, as I'd expect from ALDI. If your not happy with a product just take it back and they refund/replace no questions asked.

      Australian grown pistachios are nice but Iranian pistachio's are excellent and i think it reflects the fact they've been growing them for yonks, same with the variety you can occasionally get that is grown in Lebanon,they are superb,fat and crunchy.

      I'm all for Home grown and I like to support but I also acknowledge that some countries just get things right as well. Example: Try the English cheddar from ALDI…Woolies +Coles have nothing close to it.

      • Yeah usually love aldi stuff and don't mind imported, just my experience with pistachios in particular

      • Are they green or brown?

        • In the bag I bought, there were 2 brown.

          • @slowFTL: Cool, i prefer the green ones. I might get a bag. I saw Drakes in SA selling brown ones for $30 a kg, they didn't even taste very good. I thought maybe they were fancy or something.

            • @AustriaBargain: +1 ALDI pistachios are trash quality compared to Aussie grown ones from Coles and Woolies (tho one of the 2, Woolies I think, occasionally sells imported, and they're as bad as ALDI). Had a phase where I was going thru a couple bags a week. The imported nuts taste old, dusty and there are legit whack tasting ones mixed in there

  • anyone know what oil they use for the cashews?

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      Dont remind me, I dislike Aldi's habit of stating 'Vegetable Oil' but not the actual oil type used eg palm, canola etc on many of their products.

      If it states just vege oil, I just assume its palm oil…

      Find Woolworths and Coles are a generally a lot more transparent about what they use.

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        Protip: sometimes Aldi have a statement on their product information label, something along the lines of:

        Contributes to the production of sustainable palm oil

        Then you can be 100% sure it's palm oil.

        Also, call Aldi's customer service during their working hours and ask about a specific product. They will answer any question you have and if they don't know, they will ask you to give them an email where they can write an answer to your query.

  • How do these compare to Coles ones? I find them bigger and salted better than Woolies which are tiny and oversalty

    Re pistachios

  • Can't seem to find the pistachio's on the aldi website… is this only on sale on a certain day? Or is it available until a certain date?

    • Weekly deals, expires today.

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