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½ Price Bonds, ½ Price Mars Celebration Bottle, Cadbury Favourites 570g $10, Cadbury Roses tin 620g $13.50 @ Coles


1/2 price Bonds at Coles, excludes hosiery, every day & clearance items

Example prices from the catalogue:
- Bonds Men's Logo Low Cut 2 pack $7
- Bonds Men's Guyfront Truck 1 pack $11

1/2 price chocolates at Coles

  • Mars Celebration Bottle 320g $10
  • Cadbury Favourites 570g $10
  • Mars Maltesers 400g, M&M's peanut 460g or Celebrations 320g $6
  • Cadbury Roses tin 620g $13.50

Also, Ferrero Rocher 30 Pack 375g or Collection Chocolate Gift Box 24 Pack 269g $11 (save $8)

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    buy some socks and jocks just before xmas or wait for the presents…. hmmmm???

  • +1 vote

    Corporate responsibility ….ha ha

    • +1 vote

      I didn't realise that you could send a thank you message. It's supposed to be for the farmers. I live in a rural town and have friends who are farmers, and the one thing they don't need is Coles sending them a Christmas card on behalf of a customer.

      So instead I thanked the Coles staff for taking the best car parking spaces each day. It's great to see the same cars nice and close to the the shops and the elderly and parents with kids having to walk. /s


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    The chocolates are for pre-staining to give some awkward christmas cheer when they unwrap it