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25% off Store-Wide + Free Shipping (+Bonus 10% Store Credit orders $50+) @ Amino Z


A new pre-Christmas deal that I wanted to share exclusively for OzBargain. Details as follows:

  • 25% off standard prices store-wide (ie. Not Club Z prices)
  • Free shipping on your order
  • If your order totals $50 or more, you'll get a bonus 10% back in store credit (Z Points - these will be credited within 3 days of shipment)

You can also grab any shortdated products from our bargains page at the discounted prices advertised.

Here are a few links to crowd favourites:

Amino Z Whey Protein Isolate - our own protein brand, naturally flavoured/sweetened, soy-free and our top seller by units - straight WPI
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey - a great quality top selling protein worldwide - a WPI/WPC blend - great range of flavours
Amino Z Creatine Monohydrate - our top selling creatine - micronised so it is very fine
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre - one of our top selling pre-workouts, a clean blend, moderate stim (175mg/serve)
Scivation Xtend - top selling intra-workout BCAA supplement worldwide
EHP Labs Oxyshred or Twin Pack - Australia's top selling fat burner - tastes great too
Redcon1 Total War - one of our top selling pre-workouts, higher stim (350mg caffeine/serve)

Also a few answers to common queries:
  • Z Points: Z Points are account credits that can be applied to any future order with us. They don't expire - I don't believe in penalising our customers for not buying again within a certain period of time (and nor does the rest of the team).
  • Bargains page: This won't work with the longdated deals on the bargains page, just the shortdated ones. You'll get 25% + 10% (orders $50+) or any longdated items on there.
  • Shipping: At checkout you can choose your preferred shipping method - Auspost or Fastway (or pickup). A number of customers told us that they didn't like a particular carrier, so there's no charge to choose if you have a preference.
  • Whey Protein #1 - Isn't whey protein just expensive milk powder? No. Whey is derived from milk, but highly processed as to reduce fat and carbohydrate, increase protein bioavailability and decrease absorption time. As an example of macronutrient breakdown, our WPI is 88% protein, 1.2% carbohydrate and 1% fat. Further, whey protein is the less abundant protein component of milk (the major one being casein, which is a much slower to digest protein)
  • Whey Protein #2 - Why would I buy whey protein when it's a waste product? Whey protein is a waste product of the cheese manufacturing process. However don't confuse the terms "waste product" with "rubbish". Once the value of whey protein was realised (particularly in the health and fitness industry), prices have soared due to demand. Subsequently there is actually a shortage in whey protein availability.

Any questions feel free to ask!

  • Jay (Amino Z - Founder/Owner/Deals Guy)

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  • My stim tolerance must be through the roof cause total war barely gives me a buzz. I do have an endless amount of energy in the gym though but I can’t do any cardio afterwards otherwise my heart will probably explode.

    Highly recommend the pre workout though.

    • Err, just do your workout without a prework. Pre-workouts are a complete scam.

      • I have a high caffeine tolerance cause I drink 2x coffees a day. I gym after work and I’m tired af around 730 so I need a preworkout to get me lifting heavy. If I could finish early or when I workout on weekends I don’t use one :)

        Not sure why you think they’re a scam? Whenever I have one I do things I normally would be too tired to do eg after an hour of working out I still have enough energy to pump out 20 dips like it’s nothing. Without the preworkout I’d fatigue half way through that..

  • +1

    Added the Creatine to cart applied the code still shows shipping $9.99

    • Thanks for the note, looks like we had an issue with the code. It should work now. Apologies for the error.

      • Jay
  • Honestly, with the 25% code your prices are basically unbeatable!

    AWESOME WORK, I don't even need anything but you're forcing me to buy! LOL

    • Hah! Thanks mate appreciate it!

      • Jay
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