SUV Mitsubishi Eclipse cross

My wife wants to buy a SUV. She has test driven a Mitsubishi eclipse which is in her preferred colour, red . It’s an April 19 plated car. Dealer has tabled $28990. I’m thinking ring around other dealerships in the area . End of year offer is 7 years warranty and first 2 services free. Is the price near the money. I prefer to support my local dealer.


  • Which variant?

  • Sorry ES auto. The basic model.

  • if you want a titanium colour demo with 8klms on the clock for 26,888 drive away look here NSW dealer

    Or just car sales itself with your own search details

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      so in effect a New Car that the dealership has notified to the manufacturer as a demo to claim the demo bonus. It would not even be registered.
      It would be the same as buying any other car off the lot, its just cheaper due to the demo bonus, possibly older stock etc.
      Even a New car that is on site that is driven with a dealer plate is still a New Car.. its just not notified to the manufacturer as a Demo..

      Ex 2ic Mitsubishi New Car Sales, ex New Car Sales Manager Renault and KIA - but that was quite some time ago now.

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        Most demo's like that get licensed, just not plated. I've only had 1 manager who RDR'd but didn't license some which was frustrating.

        But yes, mits are 1 of the worst for demoing cars to falsely inflate figures and butcher their prices

        Toyota won't actually let you advertise a demo unless it's more than 2,000kms and 60 days old.

      • Hey I know nothing about the car industry just did the search and passed the info on

        • We weren't disagreeing with you :) Just letting OP know that it's a 'demo' only because it's been licensed, but it's an undriven demo, which is the best case scenario for a customer. Get the discount, but without the mileage

          • @spackbace: Cool, but if it's been licensed (regoed?) doesn't that attract transfer tax fees to new buyer and can it be called 2nd hand?

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              @ShannonN: If it's advertised as "drive away" (which your linked one is), it includes transfers, stamp duty and balance of registration.

              Everyone has their own definition of a "used" vehicle, but for that demo, the new owner would be the first owner in the book. Technically still a new car in that instance (in my opinion).

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    Ozbargain experts say you should be able to get it for $26.

  • If it is brand new it isnt a bad deal

    I would ring around at least 3 other dealers and sus out ex demo models to see if you can do better probably if worth going into the dealers because they might be more willing to negotiate a better deal then that if you are there and they think they can sway in your business at the point of contact.

    Me personally i'd never buy a new car (Unless i won a tone of cash) im a big advocate of ex-demos though because 1000-8000km can reduce a cars value buy a lot! and you still get warranty in my experience

    Also a 2018 My 19

    23k plus gov charges - WA though

    • Me personally i'd never buy a new car

      Depends what you prioritise. New one has 7yr warranty, 2018 had 5 (which is now the balance of on the demo). New one (MY20) $29,990 d/a, that one (1yo) is $23,638 d/a.

      Hell, you'd probably find these for $30k for a 2020 as well if you pushed a dealer, which makes a $6k difference for a 2yo car, 2yrs less warranty (at least).

      • Yeah the bump in the warranty is worth paying extra

        Also 2 free services is at least ~500-600

        7 year warrentry (i assume that comes with Road side assistance) is worth at least an extra 3500-4500k on its own

        as i said if it is new it isnt a bad deal

        If you can get them to throw in capped servicing for the life of the warranty that would be a decent bonus - me personally i always ask for roof racks or a tow bar to be thrown in because they are nice extra to have on a SUV

  • It would help if you told us which area to check local prices.

    A great way to justify price imo is to check rival cars:

    To me the Eclipse cross your quote is overpriced compared the tucson. Same warranty (no servicing though), more power, more space, AWD (not necessary).

    0.9L/100km better in combined fuel economy too. This is about the same price as a independent workshop oil change assuming you drive +13,000km.

  • Thanks to all posters. Some good information passed on.

  • Ended up buying locally. (Regional NSW ). Dealer agreed to 27500. No trade and cash.

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