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[Refurb] Google Pixel 3XL (128gb) $589, (64gb) $529 and Pixel 3 (64gb) $449 Shipped @ Phonebot


Hi Guys,

We are back with Google Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 deals. All these Phones are Grade A phones which means that they might have a slight mark or two but overall are in almost perfect condition. Check them out below:

Google Pixel 3 XL (128GB) [Grade A]$589 (12 Months Google Warranty)

Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB [Grade A]$529 (12 Months Google Warranty)

Google Pixel 3 (64GB) [Grade A]$449 (6 Months Google Warranty)

• Free Delivery sitewide always
• 7 Days change of mind returns
• Fully tested, cleaned and perfect for gifts
• Paypal, Poli, ZipMoney & All Major cards accepted (SSL secured checkout using square)

All orders are shipped from our reservoir store with signature on delivery. Orders will be dispatched by Friday latest. Please contact 0394626936 (whatsapp enabled) if you have any queries regarding your order or use the messenger icon on the website.

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  • Are these factory refurbished or user/third-party refurbished?

    • +1

      Refurbished by us. Haven't had any battery or screen changes. Previous user data has been removed. Phones have been tested for functionality.

      • +1

        What does the refurbishing process do? What is done to the phone?

        Please describe step 2 in clear detail:

        1) Your company recieves the secondhand phone
        2) ???
        3) The secondhand phone is sent to the new purchaser.

  • refurb include battery changed? or just a wipe down clean?

    • It's a one year old phone, why would it require a battery replacement?

      • No battery change.

      • My battery is at 85% capacity after a year of use.

      • Because Lithium Polimer (LiPo) batteries wear out and phones abuse the crap out of batteries to appear better than competitors.

        LiPo's should be charged to 4.20v to get a 2-3 years of life before needing replacement, or 3.92v (about 60-70%) for 5-7 years of life. 4.20v is about 85% on most phones nowadays. These days I've seen phones go a fraction over 4.40v and every 0.1v over 3.92v halves the number of cycles your battery can deliver.

        The best way to look after your phone is charge it to no more than 75% and discharge it no less than 25%. More frequent charges will make it last longer. 2 cycles of 75-50% will make a battery last a lot longer than 1 cycle of 75-25%

        Eneloops benefit from occasional full discharge/recharge because they're NiMH. Fully discharging and recharging LiPo's causes significant long term damage. Many high voltage LiPo's (LiHV) batteries have only 50-75% of design capacity left after 1 year and 150 full cycles.


        • For the Android gang, there are two apps that automate looking after your battery:

          Battery Charge Limit


          Advanced Charging Controller.

          Both are available from XDA.

          • +2

            @bm: Both require root access to your phone, which requires foregoing other creature comforts. Just saying….

            • @klaw81: Indeed - I assumed most people wanting to save money with Android would have root and an open source ROM because it quadruples the life of most phones. I should have mentioned it though, my bad.

              • @bm: The loss of the "secure zone" or whatever google is calling it is a pain for me and has stopped me rooting recently. Means you can't use Google pay and a few other things I believe?

                • +2

                  @incipient: Perhaps..? I don't use google pay and don't know.

                  I prefer to use cash while I can in real life even though it's more inconvenient because I don't know if what I do today might harm me in 20 or 40 years.

      • At one year old they are half way through their lifespan.

        • +1

          For many phones, yes that's true. If you can source an OEM battery and install it, then root the phone and use a charge controller, then the phone should last a long time. If not, secondhand flagship android phones are a waste of money.

          I'm genuinely impressed IOS13 includes code to reduce the time the battery is fully charged. Hate Apple all you like and down vote this because you disagree, but one iPhone dollar for dollar is roughly equivalent to the lifespan of 3 Google phones.

        • I'd like to see the source of a study that proves this.

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    The spelling of you're name is not errorfree.

    • +7

      nor on the use of 'your'

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        Oops, got me.

  • The 3XL 64gig is a great buy at this price if you want an Android phone that excels in photo shooting. It's also a dying breed with unlimited google photo storage.

    • Indeed it is.

    • And a free generous sized notch!!

      • +1

        Function over form mate. I mean you can pick easily get a P30 or Note 10 for minimal notch but after a while you wouldn't really notice any of them regardless

        PS-I'm no fan of notch either and would opt for the pixel 2 XL design any day

    • -2

      No optical zoom, wide angle or macro and video still really sucks. Also this phone has used battery. Pixel 3 only had 4gb ram. I would consider if closer to $400 mark.

      • +1

        Then there would be someone saying that he/she would only consider when it's close to $300/$200/Free.

        Don't give me that Bokeh, Zoom BS. White balance, colour reproduction and details are the keys and currently no one (except iPhone 11) beats Google on that. Video quality wise it's just on par with Samsung/Huawei with 60fps 4K missing

        Overall, you won't be able to find a phone used or new at this price point (w/GST) that gives you the same capabilities in photography. Hence a plus from me flat and simple.

      • Oh give it a rest mate.

    • Other phones have great cameras too, there are small differences in some areas in favour of pixel that are overhyped by android blogs and fanboys. It also lacks in some areas too.

      Other than the camera, this phones fails to impress on most areas, with battery life specially being tragic.

      • I get your point but I have a P30, Note 9 and Pixel 3 in the family in which Pixels camera is the most consistent by a margin in day to day use. Unlimited 4k videos are nice icing on top.

        Battery wise they all last about a day (Note 9 sometimes lasts half a day extra). Performance wise I think Pixel 3 is still the best despite 4gig ram; though I don't play games.

        • get your point but I have a P30, Note 9 and Pixel 3 in the family in which Pixels camera is the most consistent by a margin in day to day use. Unlimited 4k videos are nice icing on top.

          I dont know what you mean by 'consistent', there are many scenarios that p30 has better results. How is the pixel more 'consistent' if the other phone makes better pics?

          Battery wise they all last about a day

          P30 has 3650mah battery vs pixel 3's 2900mah.
          Huawei has much better battery management by shutting down easier apps in the background. I find it VERY hard to believe that they're 'about the same'

          Performance wise im pretty sure they all the same, if anything pixel has 4gb ram and performs worse. They are ALL android phones, there is no way Google is making magic with pixels, 4gb isnt enough nowdays. My last android phone (6t) needed 4gb just at boot lol

          You seem biased towards google, a common phenomenon online.

          • @nikoris: A 1-year old 3000mah used battery in a phone probably has 2000-2200mah capacity left.

            Battery's wear out. Phone batteries are abused the worst.

            • @bm: No, they dont degrade as much. Maybe after 3-4 years but they definitely dont lose 1/3 of their battery capacity in a year.

              And even if they do degrade you prove my point, pixel should have much worse battery life since it's older

          • @nikoris: there is no way Google is making magic with pixels

            LOL there is

            You seem biased towards google, a common phenomenon online

            I speak from real life experiences using all three phones. Unlike random haters who only look at spec sheets ;)

            • @MadMaxBargainRoad: I speak the truth but somehow I’m a ‘random hater’ who ‘looks at spec sheets’

              Google literally makes the worst flagships but somehow some fanboys act like they the best smh

              We will never go back to nexus 4/nexus 5/nexus 6 era

  • Are all phonebot phones Australian stock?

    • +1


  • +1

    Would like to see your comment on this :D

    Phonebot Accusing Me of Water Damage on iPhone 7

  • +1

    $589 for 2 years of phone support from google. No more updates for these after 2021.

    • +1

      Yeah, if you don't need/want the wireless charging & better IP rating, I'd recommend spending the extra ~$100 for a new Pixel 3a, as it comes with support up until May 2022.

      • A plastic phone with a midrange soc, with only 4gb ram, with a design from 2012, no features, no wireless charging, no water resistance

        • Not everyone requires a flagship phone, and the 'features' you listed aren't exactly a 'must-have' either.

          • @magic8ballgag: Then you just get an iphone

            • @nikoris: Huh? So your logic is you either buy a top of the range Android, or an iPhone?

              • @magic8ballgag:

                So you're logic is you either buy a top of the range Android, or an iPhone?


                There are many better options out there than the pixels, i'm just naming a few.

                I had a similar phone (nexus 5x) and the better camera wasnt worth it.

  • op can you confirm what comes with the sale i.e. original packaging, cables, charger, earphones etc?

    • The phone will accompany a fast charger and cable in a white box. Please check inbox.

  • Pixel 3 Vs iPhone 8 - ignoring iOS Vs android…similar price here. Any opinions?

    • Pixel 3 has a better camera and unlimited photo / video storage until 2022.

      IPhone on the other hand has longer system update support and might get slightly better resale value

      • So what happens to all your stuff aftr 2022….

        • They wouldn't touch it. It's just that you can't upload any more new photos at original quality without chewing up your cloud storage

    • What mainstream phone (Samsung, Apple, Huawei etc) has the best camera for the least $ ? Let's say around $500 or less.

      • If you want brand new then probably Pixel 2 XL. Otherwise the 3/3XL in this post is the best.

  • +1

    I recently bought a Samsung S10 5G from your deal but the phone looked pretty beaten up…it had a deep scratch on its left edge. It wasn't until I returned it to store that I was shown another one to choose which was in as-new condition. You need to provide a better description of the potential scratches etc on the phone.

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