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[VIC] Free GPS Stocking (Valued at $34.95) with Purchase of Herald Sun $1.90 @ Myer


Hi everyone,

Free with purchase of the Herald Sun (Victoria) $1.90 is a GPS Christmas stocking, which was originally $34.95 but has been discounted heavily as Christmas approaches. Essentially you go into Myer with the coupon and they will give you one. Until Christmas Eve only.

Hopefully this comes in handy for someone.

May also be other states (The Daily Telegraph, The Advertiser, The Courier Mail etc. perhaps someone can confirm?)

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    In my view this is still overpriced, even if combining the Herald Sun and the stocking.

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    Im so confused, what is this for?

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      Pointless Garbage

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        And Myer keep spending millions on consultants trying to work out why they can't make a profit and have piles of crap to sell!

    • track Mr Santa and hopefully he came through the chimney to put something in the special socks. Don't forget to leave the cookies for him.

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        So why the (profanity) does the stocking have GPS? That makes no sense Myer.

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      I think its a cool gimmick for the kiddies .
      Under $2 can't go wrong .

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        Gimmick how? Is this for pedos to stalk kids?lmao

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    "Global Positioning Stocking"

    "Download the Myer Connect App to activate the stocking"

    Wait… is there any actual electronics in this?

    "Batteries not included" what the actual (profanity) ?

    • Download the Myer Connect App to activate the stocking

      If it's anything like their other technology it will only run on Android 1.0.

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    How do the GPS coordinates get sent to Santa and why does he need this now?

    I think this is purely a cashgrab by the manufacturer as Santa knows where we live. Myers marketing team should be on his naughty list.

  • "Download the Myer Connect App to activate the stocking and let Santa know where you are" Is that false advertising LOL..

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      It's all lies, why would Santa all of a sudden need a retailers app to tell him where we are?

  • I'm guessing there's RFID in the stocking, and it uses the app to get coordinates from your phone. For what, who knows.

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    This is terrible for Santa's privacy, he needs to block stocking permissions

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    Privacy and personal information
    What’s your privacy policy?

    The GPS does not capture or store any personal data, and location information is generalised at a suburb level. We will never share your private information with any third party. Read our privacy policy here.

    What personal information do you capture?

    The Myer Global Positioning Stocking pairs with our Myer Connect native app via Bluetooth and assigns each person an anonymous Connect ID.

    This allows us to offer a connected experience through the entire digital ecosystem, without capturing or storing any personal information. We use your connected mobile smartphone’s location to show the pin on the interactive map. The location information is generalised and at a suburb level.

    Geolocation and privacy

    The Myer GPStocking lets Santa know wherever you are by connecting to your Myer Connect native app and accessing your geolocation through your mobile device. Geolocation data is abstracted to a suburb level and anonymously stored in an encrypted database.

    This means that the location we store and display will only ever be as precise as the general suburb the stocking is in. Any data we transfer is encrypted during transfer and on arrival for an additional layer of security.

    As a standard, our technical architecture is designed to protect against the OWASP top 10 most seen application vulnerabilities.

  • It's not for Santa's benefit. It's for Harry and Marv.

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    This product should not exist. Send em all to landfill!

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      Effectively that is what Myer is doing; giving these away knowing that the consumers will then dispose of them.
      Saves Myer the disposal costs.

  • Who would have thought they’d end up having to virtually give them away. Saw it on Gruen. What an epic fail Myer!

  • Just picked one up in Canberra, took a clean pick of the voucher from a paper, they accepted it, scanned and free

    • Great.
      Myer will be so pleased that they have one less to dispose of.

  • Yep, and so will the battery companies, must be in collusion.. think i read it needs 3 AAA's… though my 2 little ones might get a blast out of it

  • $3.80 for X'mas Deco for a year. I'll bite.

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