Kitchen Renovation in Perth

We live in South of Perth, we are looking in to renovate kitchen, replace existing laminate kitchen top, change splash back, change/resurface cabinets. Our kitchen is big, we had one kitchen specialist, he quoted $35,000. That's a bit too much. Has anybody done renovation off lately, all recommendations and suggestions are welcome.



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    Way too many variables and too vague of a post to comment

    • You expect way too much from an account only created today.

      Just like everyone else wasting their time to an account that will never reply.

  • How much cabinet surface go be sprayed/wrapped?

    What material top and how big?

    Spec of hinges and how many?

    I just built two kitchens. My main residence cost approximately 4x my kaboodle project.

  • Kitchens and bathrooms lol

    • A modern house is essentially boxes attached to a kitchen and a few bathrooms.

  • lol I do them myself for under 5k…

    • lol good for you

    • $5k?

      Whiteboard the lot?

  • If you are willing to give it a shot there are a few options for you.
    You could go with a Kitcraft or flat pack pre-made option or similar.
    You could go with an Ikea flatpack pre-made.
    You could go with a Kaboodle through Bunnings.
    Most of them will also offer design assistance - sometimes with a cost.
    Tiling is fiddly but not hard.
    Or you can pay someone to do it for you.

  • Not in Perth but just did a full rip out and redesign/replace. All new appliances. Total cost 25k

  • Tell him he's dreaming and demand $34k

  • We just had ours redone with granite transformations. It looks amazing and the price was less than half of other options we looked at.

  • Have just wrapped up a recent entire kitchen reno. I weighed up a lot of options and at the end of the day I went with a local WA company Fairway cabinets from start to finish it was zero stress & a fantastic end result. Great people to work with and will again in the future as well.

  • Went with Kitchen Craftsmen about 12 months ago with a plan. Saved a heap by shopping around for appliances/sinks/taps myself and removing the old kitchen. Shopped around for the engineered stone top as there is heaps of variation there. For the cabinets, stone top with waterfall end and install was around 13.5k.

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