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Jabra Elite 65t $179 / Active 65t $199 at JB Hi-Fi (RRP $299 Save $120)


Just bought one of these for the wifes christmas present. Good price for awesome all rounder head phones.. had mine for 1 year now and been using every day since.

I know on Black Friday they had this deal at a lower price of $179 but for any of those who missed out on that deal this is still a really good price considering these were $299 about a month ago before the sales.

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  • Isn't $199 the standard price now for the 65t. Amazon, OW and hardly normal have it for the same price.

  • I believe the Active 65t is available in two colours in Costco for about $180. Obviously, you need to have a membership or go in with someone who does.

    JB has the Elite 65t in 4 colours. I think these make a really good gift.

    • Thanks for this, I'll hit up Costco over the weekend and will report back :)

    • Just came back from Costco and the Elite actives are currently $249 less $60 instant rebate. Got a pair for myself as an early Xmas gift to self. Thanks so much @ihavok

  • standard price

  • bought it for 100 jusr 2 wweeks back from amazon. 143 with 10% zip pay and 20% shopback.

    • I had also bought for that price but sent them back. They really hurt! I prefer my Samsung buds.

  • i have the samsung coming tomorrow from the redemption deal. lets see how they go. one of them will go to mrs.

  • I had the 65T Elite Active, the sound quality and call quality are very good but I could not get a good fit. I must've tried 20 different types of tips and all sorts of comply tips too.

    Such a shame.

    I want to try the 75T but worried it'll be the same deal.

    • Do you usually have a hard time with earbuds fitting? I have horrible luck and am tossing up between the 65T, 75T or galaxy buds (as they have mostly good reviews about fit). Hard to part with the cash when I'm so unsure

      • Not previously, I used to use canalphones when I was younger and had many different pairs for a long time, always tri-flange silicone or foamtips though.

        I tried all the comply tips for the 65t, must've spent about $50 on tips lol.

        Anyways, I think something has changed with my ears because yesterday I tried SoundLiberty 77s and while I got a good fit and seal, my ears started hurting after about 15 mins.

        I'm giving up on in ear style I will try earbud style like the FreeBuds 3 or something.

    • The 75T use the same tips as the 65T

    • I bought these foam replacement tips and they have worked really well for me
      Nice seal, doesn't do that weird blocking out of sound that the jabra tip can do. Doesn't ache or fall out at the gym

      Misodiko TWS-Pro True Wireless Earbuds Tips

      • So just bite the bullet and look for aftermarket tips if needed? I really regretted the last Bluetooth pair I bought, don't want to make a bad purchase again!!

        • The silicone tips didn't fit my ear well. And they would kinda close in and muffle the sound if I pushed them really in. A common problem with those tips. The foam tips are so much better. Fit on the ear piece perfectly too.

  • I got these from Bing Lee on sale recently for $140. They fit me perfectly and i'm quite happy with them. I think i prefer them over the sony wf-1000xm3 that i sold recently

    I am tempted to upgrade already to the 75t as they are apparently better in every way (marginally)

  • Not so special. Same price at Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and Amazon. Let me know when you have a real special.

  • Looking for a killer price on the 75t

  • The Active 65t also available at $179 on Amazon AU - Jabra Elite Active 65t True Wireless Sports Earbuds Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones with Earphones Charging Case & One-Touch Amazon Alexa & 15 Hours Battery, Copper Blue https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07CZ2Y1GW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i...