This was posted 1 year 11 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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4 Pieces of Original Recipe for $6.95 @ KFC via The App


I just ordered the 4 Pieces Original Recipe ADD ON and nothing else and it worked like a treat. Considering 5 pieces is normally $12.95 (or $2.59 ea) this is a grand total saving of $3.41 (4 x $2.59 = $10.36)

The ADD ON options are found under the Menu Hacks section in the app.

You can also get the 5 Original Tenders ADD ON for $6.95 which normally directly goes for $9.95, a saving of $3.00.

I checked back through past deals and I found that something similar has been posted but in both deals, they mention the option is under Shared Meal and it does not come up every time so I think KFC has since updated how this works.

Sorry QLD friends, apparently this does not work for you :(

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    where were you at 1pm while we were deciding lunch plans??

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      Still an hour to go for lunch in WA, one of the many benefits of living in Perth :)

      • Not showing in WA app under menu hacks?

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    Dang. Just had lunch!…

  • Great deal. Loving these chicken deals om nom nom

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    I think this has always been the case. Great hack.

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      It seems to have been around for a while but its location in the app has changed since the last time it was reported so thought I would update everyone 😌

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        So… any good deals on cucumbers?

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          I think you have misunderstood my username, I don't post deals about cucumbers (nor do I deal cucumbers), I am a cucumber that likes deals

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    Old news

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    I'm in QLD, don't have that option :/

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      sorry to hear that, I have updated the description

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    I have been using this for the past year. This deal with FEEDBACK chips n drink. Lunch sorted in 6.95 Thanks for sharing though

    • Have you noticed if the free survey chips and drinks aren't on the new receipts?

      Couple of times now I've ordered recently and haven't got a survey. Good thing I've kept my old receipts lol.

      • I order from my mobile so don't worry about the receipts at all. occasionally store asks me for the past reciepts and i tell then I order from mobile :D So just make up numbers and fill in the feedback. don't hassle much about keeping old receipts

        • But how can you do the feedback chips and drink paying on the app?
          I'm taking it you're talking about making up the "invitation code" or whatever on the receipt yeah?

        • how do you know the store number to fill in the feedback though?
          I always think I cant get the feedback rewards as I dont have all the details needed for it, since I ordered it online and has no actual receipt

          • @cariDisc: use made up 4 digit store number and order number.
            and for date always use YESTERDAY's Date.
            works for me all the time

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    They need to bring back the bucket for 1. I miss that so much…

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    I'm in WA and it's not showing up in my app?

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      same… I am disappointed but my arteries are thankful.

    • It seems you can only get this from certain stores in WA.

      • Do you know which certain stores?

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          Haynes in Armadale works

  • Damn that looks good shame no KFC close to home.

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    I'm in NSW it's not showing either :( Can't even find the hack box

    • Hack box is lower right in options.
      Still not avail in nsw anyway.

      • Doesn't look like it's for nsw either. Tried a few stores, no luck.

  • Is it just me or did the prices of these spike since I last had them?

    • Depends on when you last had them. I've been using this deal for at least the past 2 years and the price has remained the same.

  • I think dinner for one may be of more value

    • Availability of dinner for one is a little hit and miss as it's not officially advertised. This offer is available if you can see it in your app.

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    On the one hand I view this deal in the context of the usual 9.95 deals, but this might just be the right amount to try out this recipe:

  • Has any one been refused this and been told this item can't be ordered as a stand alone item?

    • They can't refuse you if you order and paid with the app. It's probably too complicated for them to try and do a refund when processing of the payment is done via head office.

      • OK. I order through the app then pay at the window. I'll give it a go.

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    I just got 4 pieces for free! I chose to pay in store, but the EFT was down. KFC Hawker (ACT)
    I also got the survey chips and drink

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      You've won ozbargainer of the day!

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    No real deal at my local KFC in 3204 VIC, all options are close to everyday price.

  • This deal is available in store in my local KFC store in WA. I saw it yesterday.

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    Those add ons arent showing in my app in Vic.

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      Same, not appearing under Menu Hacks in Melbourne.

    • They were this morning, now it's gone! Perhaps they have it certain time? Hmm

  • What happened to the 9 for $9.99 deals.

    Common KFC bring them back~~~

    • They have it some days during closing time at my store.

  • -1

    What's the likelihood they refund your money hence no chicken because doing it this way is unlawful?

    • The 'hack' is a feature of the app. What is described here is advertising for it.

      In NSW these options are at the discretion of the management when you are in-store.

      On the App though…. they have no choice (my understanding).

    • I think you need to Google the definition of a law.

  • I'm in NSW and cannot see this at my local.

    Bligh Park, Richmond, McGrath Hill, etc do not have this

    Is this no longer available?

    • Same, in Sydney.

    • Same for Burwood VIC.. It used to be avaialble in Shared Meals.

      I tried looking at Menu Hacks, the 4 piece add on is longer there..

  • Can’t see this for Doncaster, Vic. :(

  • Can finally try doing the Japanese method of cooking it with rice in a rice cooker…

    • i don't believe it's Japanese method

  • Bring back the cola wings!!

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    Thanks a lot they've now removed it from the app, no longer showing in menu hacks

  • :( GG.. I was enjoying this until this post came up. Looks like they decided to cut it grr

      • +1

        KFC novice should know since their app have 'menu hacks'. I think these things should be in forum instead. KFC more likely lurking via deals than on the forum

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    There is no excuse for my behavior, I am so sorry to the entire community.

    I made this account after benefiting so greatly from the Little Creatures Deal deal posted last week. I had long lurked in this forum, but felt that it was time to give back. I had purchased the two piece combo last week but on Tuesday, I wanted chicken but no chips and I was browsing the app when I ran across the above-mentioned "Menu Hack". Having successfully "Hacked the Menu", I saw what seemed to be the perfect opportunity to return something of value back to you all, and in my haste, I failed to see the potential ramifications of my actions.

    I will be deleting my account in the hopes of protecting you all from my destructive company.

    I am sorry.

    • -1


    • -1


    • -1

      Nah don't delete your account. No point victimising yourself and making yourself a matyr, it doesn't help anyone. You posted a deal you thought might benefit others.

      Every time someone posts a good deal/hack on ozbargain it never lasts long. It's called being 'ozbargained' for a reason. No business can take 10,000 people exploiting their mistakes and expect to survive. Eg Recent drone deals, gift card, targeted vouchers and other food exploits.

      Keep posting good stuff. It'll keep this site running and someone will have a good day because of it. You can be sure the people complaining are those who keep their best finds to themselves yet still expect to be able to be part of generously posted deals.

    • -1

      Yeah he only deleted his account because of the impending backlash, thanks for ruining it mate!

      • +1

        I bet the person is still lurking around or on another account

        • haha 100% he's either on another account or not logged in!

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    This promotion always worked and kept working until it was posted here. I think because of this promotion became too famous and they lose chance to sell their chicken with normal price, so they removed it.

    • +3

      Hence why these 'food hacks' should be in the forum. KFC are more likely be lurking in deals than forum

  • Good job. It was the one thing I used to order in kfc and now you have killed it. Congratulations.

  • +3

    I was using it for months. And now it's officially gone. Can't find it in the app

    • same! I've been using it for over a year now, this is fkd! ozbargain broke it

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    Menu hacks shouldn't be their own deal. They're 'hacks' for a reason. I agree with putting them in the forums.

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    Ahh so this explains why it disappeared. Way to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs lol

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