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3 x Golden Keys for Borderlands 3


Saw this on the Orcz.com web site. 3 x Golden Keys, expires at 10:00 Central Standard Time (USA) on 26 Dec, which will be ~3:00am AEST on 27 Dec here.

Kudos to Nukkels for posting the link to redeem the codes, which is here https://shift.gearboxsoftware.com/rewards.

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    Bravo, worked for me


    Awesome, thanks Chazz'

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    What is this? If you have Borderlands 3 and you use this you get 3 in game golden keys?

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      Yes, it's the same as previous Borderlands games.

      For the benefit of new players:

      Once you reach the ship, Sanctuary, you'll find a golden chest. It requires a golden key to open, which will grant you a high-spec weapon that's capped at the level your character is currently at. Most people tend to hoard their keys until they hit Level 50, in the hopes they'll get a fantastic Legendary weapon. In practice, the chances of getting such a weapon are still small, but it takes no effort and if it turns out to be crap then Marcus' vending machines are just around the corner for easy disposal.

      Once you've redeemed the code above you need to visit the Social menu in-game and retrieve your messages; i.e. you can't do this from the game menu at the start. I don't know about other platforms, but on Xbox this is done by entering fully into the game and pressing the View button (small one on the R-H side, in the middle of your controller). Use the D-Pad to go down to Social, then use the Right Shoulder Button to go over to your Messages. Use D-Pad to select messages, and A button to open them and accept the contents.

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        Yep out of the dozen or so golden keys I used when I hit 50, I got a total of 0 legendaries. The chests give 4-8 weapons each too so it was a bit annoying but oh well. Maybe I'll get something decent from these three. The highest legendary weapon score I've got is 575ish. I've got an epic that's over 600, so it would be nice to see a legendary that high.

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    For anyone wondering this can be redeemed even if you don't own Borderlands 3 yet.

    I assume you need to have linked your account to another Borderlands game before.


    How's the game itself?

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      It's essentially more Borderlands with much better/smoother mechanics but a worse overall story and characters.
      Boss fights are a big stepup from BL2 too.

      Buy it on a good sale though.

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    Nice…guess ill wait till im level 50.
    FYI free 10$ coupon on epic launcher probably use if for season pass.

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    If you're after these codes for the Borderlands games, new ones get posted in here pretty often.


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    Posted here frequently too:


    You can also follow their Twitter account to get notified whenever a new code is released.


    Remember these CAN be redeemed for Steam.

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    Have they fixed the horrible split screen performance yet?


    Follow Randy Pitchford on twitter and he puts keys up regularly

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      Here is another Golden Key
      WJCBB-WRXS9-R35ZW-HT5TJ-9HJ59 from here tweet

      Vault Hunter Skin

      Echo Skin

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    There are cheats with infinite golden keys.


      yeah i used them for BL2 , linking etc seems like so much effort/the same amount of effort i used to just get unlimited gold keys, plus with the BL2 editor i could change my character etc, so it was pretty useful


      Thanks mate! Set up a kb macro and now it's auto farming keys as I type.

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    Genius marketing, for free advertising.

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