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[PC, Mac] Free - Luminar 2018 AND Luminar 3 @ Skylum


Register with a dummy name and legit email address to receive serial code.

After you've downloaded and installed Luminar 2018, you should be able to upgrade to Luminar 3 by doing this -

You'll need to download/install Luminar 3. It is a free upgrade for all Luminar 2018 users and can be found in the My Software section of your Skylum account. If you need help installing or have any other questions please contact us at www.skylum.com/support and we'll be happy to help.

Windows download

Mac download

Credit to mydealz.

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    The price is appropriate for this software. As someone who has purchased it I would not consider it a bargain. The software barely works and definitely doesn't perform as advertised.

    • https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/skylum-luminar-3-review Doesn't sound too bad on Techradar review…

      • +2

        Skylum have huge kick backs for these affiliate links, so it is essentially paid advertising.

        It does not work as a Lightroom alternative as the DAM is not able to handle more than a couple of photos.

        • Not everyone needs it to be a LR alternative though. I purchased it before the Digital Asset Management (DAM) got patched in and it's quite powerful software without it. Functionality wise it's superior to LR in a number of important ways (I use it as a LR plugin).

        • -1

          Thanks runplaywin, I've been looking for an aperture alternative and it doesn't sound like this will be it. Lightroom looks good but is too expensive for what I would use it for.

  • When I try to use this key it says "Invalid e-mail"

    • Thanks, updated OP.

    • It seems you need to register. You can decide not to click the button to receive offers after you put your email address in.

  • Thanks Dealbot!!

    After installing Luminar 2018 and registering it, login to your Skylum account. You will see Luminar 3 in your 'My Software' area and you should be able to download and install it. It will also provide you with an activation code.

    Please not that I have bought several apps/softwares from Skylum. But I this is the first time I'm using Luminar 2018/ Luminar 3.

    I own Luminar Flex and Aurora HDR and few other Apps. These are amazing Apps!!

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    Why the dummy name?

    • In fact, no name is required on the registration form.

      • +1

        And miss an opportunity to enter your name as Mike Rotch???

  • Thanks OP. I have been using this software. It's Sunrays feature is awesome.

  • 8 free photography eBooks to go along with this deal.

  • PfffffT! to good to be tru, doesn't give you ANY activation code, just wants you to pay.


    • You get the activation code via email when you click on the link and enter your name and email address.

      That is a separate email to the one you get when you register. Use the same email address, obviously.

      When you install and activate the software with the activation code you'll see the software appear under your account.

      It does work, it's just clunky and requires the software to be installed.

      • found out why, the Mac link above does not get you to the Name/Email screen that generates the activation code email. to get it I click on Del link in top right instead. THANKS

  • Instructions worked fine. Luminar 2018, Luminar 3, and Luminar Flex added to account.

  • How is Luminar? Worth checking out?

  • Thanks OP! Amazing find. Very happy with this one