This was posted 2 years 6 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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30% off Blackvue Dashcams at Autobarn


Saw this on a Facebook advert, prices look pretty good.

Flash Sale: Save 30% Off BlackVue Dash Cams* at Autobarn in time for Xmas. This offer ENDS TODAY 22nd Dec 2019 and will not be extended.

Appears it does not apply to 32gb variants

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    Is it in-store only?

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      Click the link the OP provided, they are marked down for purchase online!

      • does it do parking mode

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          Yes, can confirm the DR900S does and according to BlackVue "All BlackVue dashcams feature Parking Mode monitoring." But you may want the Power Magic Pro for hardwiring (or BlackVue Battery -kinda expensive)if your looking at Parking Mode

  • Nice one!
    Do the kits include PMP like they did in the past promos?

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    meh for the price i can get the viofos and get left right front rear cams hardwired and maybe another deepcycle battery so I'll be peace at mind when some idiot want to key my car at midnight

    • Totally agree, even after 30% off they still expensive, would also go for Viofo anytime. Simply indicating how much profit margin these Blackvues are making.

      • which viofos do yall recommend?

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          I installed the 129 Duo with the GPS attachment last week and I'm very happy with it. If you care about 4k it's not too much more for the Pro version.

    • Which viofos do ya recommend for that setup?

    • You're kidding right?
      - No cloud connect option
      - Parking mode sucks on the Viofo

      These two are the most likely places you would want a dashcam, esp with people keying and hit and run in car parks.

      The parking mode wont work unlike the Blackvue

      The profile and even the design on the blackvue is alot more refined than the Viofo

      • Agree. The Viofo has good video quality but seems less refined. The 4k version is way overpriced, might as well get the Blackvue on sale and know you have the best.
        I wish Blackvue would release an add on camera to cover the sides as well.

        • Adding he hardwire kit to the 4k Viofo is still heaps cheaper than the Blackvue, then you get the parking mode. Difference in price is cloud and that’s up to the buyer.

  • Crap deal. Cheaper last month. $419 vs $569 for the 750s with bonus PMP. Waiting for boxing day.

    • Whats PMP?

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      Went to my local store yesterday and said PMP was included (may have just been my store), Got the DR900S 2CH with PMP for $559.31, cheaper than advertised for some reason but they said price was correct, wierd.

      • Thats not bad for the 4k one, i'd consider that, but I think $419 with bonus PMP for the FHD will be more than adequate

      • Pretty common, even mentioned in the online store sometimes.

      • which store?

        • Got mine from Sebastopol Store (Ballarat)

      • Would you mind posting the receipt please?

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          For life of me I don't know why it was cheaper than website advertised price, but assured me was correct (waiting on delivery of it tho), apparently they said they would also apply sale to 32GB versions but hadda do manually. Hopefully they'll be on sale again boxing day.

          • @Shisn0: Hey Shisn0, any chance you could post the receipt so we can see the Autobarn branding and the store on it? You may need to just black out any personal details. Going to see if they can price match it. You got a massive deal. The one you got was meant to be $735 on special. Thanks

      • Hi Shisn0 - would you mind uploading the receipt with the store name? Thanks

    • Thanks for the advice.

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      not exactly mentioned in that title, nor description for that matter

      • It says 30% off dash cams in the title as it wasnt just blackvue.

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          It is not specific enough, i believe it follows the rules

          edit: Nvm

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    Looks like a good deal, but can anyone recommend a place to get them installed? I have a front-facing dashcam and, after a recent carpark mishap, have decided to instal a rearward-facing one. However, I'm hopeless at car stuff. Any suggestions?

    • Autobarn can install it for you. I think it was $150+ for installation?

  • So how do you get on top of these bargains? I'd have been keen on this but it was over before I got a notification. Is there a trick?

    • Easiest I can suggest mate is to search "Blackvue Dashcam" or the specific model you are after in the search field in ozbargain top menu. Then go ahead, click on create alert or save the search.

      Alert works best for me for things I'd like to be alerted for. Best of luck, but bottom line you've got to get in quick for good deals :)

      • Thanks. I didn't know you could do that.

    • Notifications always come through late so just have to check more often.
      It was posted also posted at 9:30am that day as well though.
      Maybe set your alert for "autobarn dash cam"

      • Got it. Thanks.

  • Autobarn boxing day sale

    Blackvue on sale along with lots of other stuff


    32GB - $599.25
    64GB - $659.25
    128GB - $734.25

    128GB - $584.25
    64GB - $509.25
    32GB - $449.25

    (or just get a 32Gb and a cheap, fast MicroSD off eBay)

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