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Free Large Slurpee @ 7 Eleven (via Fuel App)


Free Slurpee! great drink when catching some 2.8 - 3 metrees

7-Eleven, Good call ya dogs

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  • Do all 7 11s have slurpee machines?

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      Slurpees are the signature to 7-11, so I’d be confident to say yes.

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        Do all 7-11 have a "working" Slurpee machine?

        Dodgy practice are the signature to 7-11, so i'd be confident to say no.

        • Agree, a lot of store owners are very rude

        • The ones I’ve seen have 4 machines, maybe one or two are out but I rarely see all 4 out.

        • I've had a good run with them always being working over the last few months, but like the coffee machines they need to be maintained. 7 Eleven are open 24/7 so they have to refill and clean the machines while the store is open, causing downtime.

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            @Sage: They love to hide their straws at the counter and dont provide a bin to chuck the wrapping of the straws.

            When you give them the straw wrappings, they can become rude depending on the store.

            I'm still trying to figure out why some machine dispenses slurpees with mainly ice / without any coke in it.

            My guess is they don't want to pay for the coke syrup / flavouring….

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    Sugar sugar sugar hit …

    • slurp slurp slurpity slurp bopbooppop

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      There are low sugar options now fyi.

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    Quick hide the slurpee machines/Put an "out of order" sign up! Lol

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      Jokes aren’t as funny when they’re true

  • It doesn't show up in my app. What am I doing wrong?

  • But the brainfreeeezzeeeeee!

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    lemon ice tea flavour + lychee isn't a bad combo

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    Code is re usable? I claimed mine and the offer is still in app

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      Wow same!

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      Only one way to find out…

  • they have me addicted to the lychee flavour

  • Code can't be reused. I just tried haha

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