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Waterproof 15W QC3.0 Fast Charge C6 Wireless Charger $13.45 Shipped (AUS $19.32) @ Bazaardodo


Main features:

  • Waterproof:IP67
  • 15W fast charging
    (you must using a phone that support fast charging, or it can be less;
    if you are using a iphone, the max charging would not exceed 7.5W, that's the best of all wireless charger can do for iphone)
  • Super thin: 3.3 mm
  • Max Charging Distance: 8mm
  • Patented PCB and coil separated tech, not like all other wireless charger, this is what make it waterproof and thin.

Check Compare picture of PCB and coil separated tech with others:

Here is a video review of our product:

Bazaardodo Logo Glow Waterproof Charger:

Use code: AF311D27 to get it at US13.45(AUS19.32) Shipped


6-12 Days Shipping via Australia Post from New South Wales warehouse.


15 days unconditioned refund.

All codes following can not be used overlapped with the first one, if you want more discount simply create a new order.

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Bazaardodo C6 Wireless Charger with CyberPunk Style Art

Bazaardodo * Cyber Punk iphone Cases:

Bazaardodo * Cyber Punk Samsung Cases:

Bazaardodo * Cyber Punk Huawei Cases:

Bazaardodo glow cable:

More Specifications:

Material: Zinc Alloy
Length 75mm (2.95in)
Width 75mm (2.95in)
Thickness 3.3mm (0.13in)
Weight: 88g
Transmission Distance: 8mm(MAX)
Input: 5-9V 2A
Output: 15w
Voltage: 110V-240V (Fit for US, UK, AU, EU)
Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS, QC3.0
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11
iPhone Xs Max
iPhone Xs
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 8
Airpods 2
AirPods Pro
Galaxy S10+, S10
Galaxy S9+, S9
Galaxy S8 Active, S8+, S8
Galaxy S7 Active
Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy S7
Galaxy S6 Active
Galaxy S6 Edge+
Galaxy S6
Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+
Note 9
Note 8
Note FE
Note 7
Note 5
Huawei Mate 30/30Pro
Huawei P30/30 Pro
Huawei Mate 20/20 Pro


  • Temperature rising less than 6°C when full power charging
  • Intelligent metal identified
  • High quality anti-stretch cable
  • PCB and coil separated
  • Charge Airpods2 directly
  • Charge AirPods1 with AirPods Wireless Charging Case
  • Non-slip designed

In the box

Wireless charger x1
Charging Cable x1
User Guide x1

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closed Comments

  • +2

    Always wanted to charge my iPhone underwater

    • All other wireless chargers have PCB board combined with coils, which would cause over heating and low performance.
      Waterproof feature is just something make you want to comment and it did.
      The real value is it's safety and portability.

      • over heating

        Heat comes from the current.

        The PCB is in the USB connector which doesn't have any passive cooling.

  • why would someone needs a waterproof charging pad

    • So when not charging your phone, you can use it as a coaster and when the water runs down your glass from ice cubes would be fine? Or maybe if you accidently knock over a bottle of lube. Shrugs

      • Appreciate your humor but ouch. this is actually a seriously patented 15W wireless charger with PCB and coil separated feature..

    • shrug spill resistant is good next to the bed.

      But stating spill resistant means nothing. Unfortunately, without an ip rating, waterproof means nothing too.

      • +1

        Check this video to check it's under water performance.
        the main feature is that it will never over heat because it has separated PCB and coil.. and also 15W fast charging…


      • +1

        Apparently IP67.

        • That is correct! thank you!

    • So they can charge their water resistant gadget underwater. Why else?

      • This is also one of the fastest charger. 15W with over 76% conversion rate.
        This is also the safest charger, with PCB and coil separated design.

    • All other wireless chargers have PCB board combined with coils, which would cause over heating and low performance.
      Waterproof feature is just something make you want to comment and it did.
      The real value is it's safety and portability.

  • That's bazaardodo.

    I think you invented a new meme.

    • Well it is not our intention…

  • Buy one get one 50% off

    CODE: BOGO50

    Buy two get one FREE


    • Thank you for the updates. where did you get the info..

      • When you go to checkout this info is displayed

        • Thank you for updating!

          • @exstone: 39.95Subtotal
            $9.55Total Savings
            Buy one get one 50% off

            CODE: BOGO50

            Buy two get one FREE

            CODE: BTGOFREE

    • These codes aren't working for these chargers.

      • These codes are valid for all products but can not be overlapped.

  • +1

    What is the patent number?

    • I will get back to you in the morning :)

  • +1

    The nice website convinced me to buy one. Hopefully it's better than the other Chinese brands

    • Finally a positive comment.. thanks with tears. lol.
      If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our customer service: [email protected]

      • Just received a message that it's temporarily out of stock. Tried to look at the proposed alternatives but the website images aren't loading for me. Any problems on your end?

  • I’ll give you a shot. Bought one.

    • +1

      Thank you for your support, if you have any questions. do not hesitate to PM me or contact our tech support: [email protected]

  • Customary OzB question: Is it approved for Oz market?

    • It has following certifications: CE, FCC, IP67(waterproof), ROHS

  • how thick case does this allow for charging? Any guide for gap allowance?
    I know some cheap Chinese brand only allow very thin case.

    • Yes, I need this too - what is the max charge distance?

      • it shows in the page: Transmission Distance: 8mm(MAX)

    • Our max transmission distance is: 8mm, it works fine with cases.

  • Can it do fast wireless charge for s10 plus?

    • S10+ is listed in OP's original post.

    • Hi, Yes it can do fast wireless charge for S10, make sure you use a QC 3.0 plug to connect.

  • what is the "best" Qi-charger on the market right now? I seem to keep buying the bad ones and my wife is getting disappointed on multiple occasions with all these ones i buy.

    We are both currently using Galaxy S9 phones.

    • Hi, Galaxy S9 works perfect with our C6 wireless charger. it supports 15W fast charging.

  • Thanks for the offer, purchased.
    How can I purchase additional units with the discount, this does not seem to work with PayPal?
    What type of connector does it have (usb-c or micro), or is the cable permanently connected? If this is the case how long is the cable?
    Also is this compatible with LG v30 15W charging?


    • Hi, Thank you for support, unfortunately for now these codes can not be used overlapped. if you want to buy with other discount. you can place another order..
      we also have other compelling discount listed above.

      For all site codes:
      Buy one get one 50% off
      CODE: BOGO50

      Buy two get one FREE


    • Looking at the pics i think it is micro USB

      • Actually it looks like the cable is hardwired.
        This could be problematic.
        @exstone, is the cable hardwired and how long is the cable?

        • +1

          hi Pete, Just measured. The cable is 1 meter long.

  • Would this charge smartwatchs? Specifically a Samsung Galaxy 42mm?

    • Yes, as long as the smartwatch support wireless charging.

  • Pulled the trigger. But only just realised that the site does not appear to be secure? Hopefully nothing bad arises from it.

    • It's https for me?

    • hey, it looks fine from our side, could you please PM me a screen shot of the not secure note?

      • I checked again later and it was fine. Unfortunately I didn't take a screen shot at the time. Thanks for following up though.

        EDIT Now, just after posting this comment I checked again and I have the screenshot. Will PM you. Cheers.

        • Thank you so much for your time and your support! i will give you an unconditional $10 coupon code, please PM me your email and i will create one especially for your email account.

          • @exstone: Thanks for the prompt response and follow-up. Have emailed. Cheers.

  • Just got one, hopefully it does actually fast charge my S9.

    Does it have any LED's or anything that will be annoying to put next to my bed at night?

    • Did you not read the description?

      Glowing Design
      Covered with fluorescent coating, glowing in the dark and easy to find at night.
      Slim and sleek design, lightweight and smooth feeling in your hand.

      • Nope, was on my mobile and didn't see there was more info-graphics below the main points.

    • It's glow in the dark feature. you can contact our customer service for non glow C6 wireless charger: [email protected]

      • Ah bummer, I have already put an order in.

        Generally glow in the dark stuff isn't super bright, is this the case?

        • PM me your order number, and i will ask them to add note!

          • @exstone: I just sent you a message!

            Thanks heaps, if the non-glow version is exactly the same as the glow version, then I would be interested in swapping it out.

            • @JoKing: i got it! it have ask our team to add a note! thank you for your support!

  • Would this work for Google Pixel 4? I read that Pixel 4s would need EPP to get above 5W. Cheers

    • as long as it support fast charging!

  • The coupon code is showing as not valid. Has this code expired?

  • No codes work with this item, EXPIRED.

  • +1

    Just received it and feel very deceived.

    Received the EnergyPad version after they ran out of stock of the original. Since they offered to swap to another design if I responded within 2 days, I chose an art design within 1 day but they ended up sending me the subpar "EnergyPad" regardless.

    The received charger had the following specs on its back:
    Input: 5V 2A, 9V 1.67A = 15W input
    output: 5V 1A, 9V 1.1A = 10W output

    These clearly don't add up to a 15W output and the flimsy thin hardwired cable doesn't inspire confidence. From a quick test, the max it took was 700mA at 5V, 3.5W.

    Overall, not a good buy.

    • Hi, thank you for your support!
      I just get backed from our tech team, we notice that you say the output is 5 V, 5 V devices do not support fast charging. you need to use 9V or more to support fast charging.
      could i ask what wireless chargeable device and what charger are you using? you need to use a QC 3.0 charger and your phone must support fast charging.
      We are confident that we support fast charging for devices that are allow fast charging, because we have done many test, you can also see in my post and check if your device in on the list.
      Also please PM me your order number so i can get back with my colleague about your order!
      if it is our mistake we will try our best to compensate you.

    • I agree with Timmyy Just received mine today. OP you have false advertised the Output of this device. In your description (and the website description) the output is 15W. At the back of the device the output is only 10W. :(

      • We are sorry to cause the misunderstanding,
        Here is from our tech team:
        1. The max output of the wireless charger is 15W when your phone suppport fast charging of over 15W, and also using a Qc 3.0 charger.
        2. If you are using a iPhone, no matter what wireless charger devices you are using, the max charging wont exceed 7.5W, our wireless charger can guarantee your best charging experience for iphone is 7.5w. That's the best of any wireless chargers can do for iphone.
        3. If you are using a phone that do not support fast charging, the max speed we can archive might be 5W.

        I hope i solved your confuse. again i am sorry to cause the misunderstanding, i have made change in my post, and our tech team are testing as more devices as we can, so we can make a list of our wireless charger performance for all phones.

        Please PM me your order number, and tell me what phone are you using, we will try our best to give you a satisfied answer.

  • I received one today, it seems to be well constructed, the markings on the base state 5-9V, 2A so 15W is possible?I connected it to a QC 3 charger and my LG v30 immediately reports fast wireless charging, which only happens with 15W output.
    The packaging and presentation of the charger is very nice. The chargers are quite small, have a nice weight, secure rubber feet, the charger is extremely slim, though the white cable is rather narrow guage, and integrated with the charger.
    I got one of the granite faced ones which looks and feels unique, I didn't realise it would be real (rough surface) stone though, so best I keep my phone in the plastic case with it (it will scratch the glass back, I thought it would be a smooth surface lol).
    Speaking of cases, it also fast charges the other v30 on our house which is in a fairly thick leather flip case, none of the other 4 wireless charger in the house has worked worked with this case, until this one.
    I was hoping to order another one but saw the coupon is no longer working.

    • +1

      Hi Pete, Thank you so much for support, it really means a lot! i will PM you once we have new promotion about this product!

    • thanks/

  • Waterproof:IP67
    15W fast charging

    Waterproof fast charger? What can go wrong?

  • Received mine today, packaging is very nice and well presented.

    Very skinny cable is concerning, and label on bottom suggest max output is only 10w, not 15w as advertised.
    That said, my phone does indicate fast wireless charging.

    Happy enough for the price.

    • +1

      max output is only 10w, not 15w as advertised.

      Check with ampere.

      • Cool, thanks for the tip.

        According to Ampere it charges at 1260mA while using the wireless charger, and 2240mA using the regular usb cable from the same AC adaptor.