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Bought one for my 7 year old nephew 2 years ago for the same price, $29, watch face scratches easily so while still running well but hard...
17/08/2021 - 13:03
called office works, pricematch/pricebeat at officeworks won't work, their online order team is closed today and tomorrow and instore team...
24/07/2021 - 10:40
Don’t think so, with the last sale it scanned at $12, spoke to the lady at customer service desk and she said it’s the online price not...
21/07/2021 - 10:22
Hmmm…I don’t have the app and didn’t receive any email
02/06/2021 - 17:12
All stores in the South side are out of stock for CC
31/05/2021 - 11:52
Can this be use/stack with the targeted $15 off for $60?
22/05/2021 - 14:19
May I ask, Is yours the 40 or 44? If is 40 is the visual display area comparable the S3 42? Is series 3 42mm worth buying or pay a bit more...
31/03/2021 - 23:44
I jus my hope it’s the 42mm and not the 38mm for the Series 3 Apple Watch
23/03/2021 - 13:32
does it lit up/have background light both on stand by or while charging? I have the Blitzwolf one and it lit up green when on stand by and...
16/03/2021 - 15:35
I am in a market for a decent yet not too costly waterproof camera for the kids to use at the beach, swimming pool and snorkeling, a quick...
06/12/2020 - 09:39
Would this work if i pay for the item using catch egift card? Planning to buy the 60Gb 365 days plan.
27/11/2020 - 20:45
"Min spend excludes shipping, Club Catch m/ship fees, gift cards, or Catch Connect products" so i dont think you can use it to buy the...
26/11/2020 - 10:16
Tried for an hour and still stuck at check out, I am given up
29/09/2020 - 21:29
Beware, Last time I bought them though ad says 10w but the one I received said 5v x1A so returned them.
12/09/2020 - 16:09
My hp n40l busted due to thunder do you know if i can just remove all the 3 drives and just put them into the gen 8 microserver? The gen 7...
03/08/2020 - 15:38
I went to 2 different local Vodafone stores, both refused to swap my 5 $50 starter pack for me, both said starter pack only valid for 3...
18/04/2020 - 09:02
Hi Len, PM and emailed, can you please reply
18/04/2020 - 08:50
Thanks, I will visit a store next week to see if I can like you swap my stash of $50 starter pack and get them activated
11/04/2020 - 08:34
I have some of those old vodafone starter pack too but cant use them because sim expired, how do you get yours to work?
10/04/2020 - 08:41
Looking at the pics i think it is micro USB
28/12/2019 - 14:38
Any one received a cancellation from Amazon? I received an email saying I will receive my refund after the seller received the return item...
21/12/2019 - 08:53
Ozhxb, Any news on the rebate on the kogan giftcard purchase?
20/12/2019 - 08:49
Got the same error too, code can only use 200x, need new code!!
12/09/2019 - 15:44