Cheapest Play To Buy Hiking Gear

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering where everyone buys there premium brand (Thermarest, MSR, TNF, etc…) hiking and camping gear? I have tried a few places, but many of the international places don't ship to Australia.

Thank you.


  • Apparently there is a North Face outlet store in the Gold Coast if you live there:-

  • Unfortunately I am in sydney.

    • There's an adventure warehouse store in Sydney on Kent St in the city - They have some outlet stuff. Not sure how good the bargains are.

      • I have been there. They are really nice and helpful people, but the prices don't even come close. I could understand a 20-30$ mark up, but as much as a I want to support the local's it is hard to justify 50% markup.

  • Here's some international shops that ship to AUS

  • Thank you everyone. I want to say keep them coming, because I can never have enough.

    They all have different rules about what they will and won't ship to different places, and the places in AU are usually twice the price of what you can get from either UK and US. Kind of sucks because we have some great opportunities for amazing hikes..

  • check out ebay. there's a store called wild earth that i just bought a 65L backpack from (for $90!)

  • I posted in the 'deals' section a keycode for 40% off sitewide for if you are after a pair of socks and some sunscreen postage will kill the deal. If you are after a tent, some scarpa boots and a goretex jacket you will save hundreds!!

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