Opinions on Metabox laptop?

Want to buy metabox laptop, nothing seems to close spec wise for the money, any catch?

Model No: NH70RC

Intel i7-9750H Hexa Core
17.3" FHD IPS-Grade Edge-to-Edge Matte 60Hz
16GB DDR4 2666MHZ (2 x 8GB)
256GB PCIe M.2

for $1549
maybe get the screen upgrade to 144hz


  • Only thing similar is: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/508300

    but hp traditionally has terrible cooling and its only 15 inch ( prefer 17 if available)

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      RTX2070 is a much better graphics card so not exactly comparable.
      Edit: Also Metabox doesn't include Windows so you'll need to buy that as well

  • Perhaps consider a Dell G7 17 with a RTX2060 for $1600. Use coupon EPP5 at checkout to get to this price. You'll proabably want to upgrade the RAM to 16GB

    • that is good value, thanks for the suggestion.

      Any thoughts if higher refresh rate panels are going to be implemented in the majority of these high performance laptops in 2020 models.

      Been playing on 144hz from 2016 it still seems to be the exception rather than norm, I'm really used to high refresh rate.

      • The newer models have higher refresh rate screens. Unfortunately they’re almost $1k more for similar specs

        • Weird price delta dell have there, only reason I can think is that dells in-house panel they use is better/most costly.

          • @RoeJogan: The 60hz are 30% off for Boxing Day. The 144hz are not. Possibly clearing out the 60hz models?

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              @FireRunner: maybe, hopefully high refresh becomes more widespread on gaming laptops as there is no downside except battery life. Even the new gen of phones is going 90hz/120 with battery being way more important therr.

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    My experience, specs-wise metabox laptops are great value for money.
    Downsides (for me anyway) are the laptop runs very hot, fan sounds like a jet plane on full, and the power charger is the size and weight of a brick. Not the most portable of laptops either.

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    Also check out Aftershock. They're similar to Metabox. Although they don't have a re-seller like Kong is for Metabox.

    • had a look, decent deals on some of the models,

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