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Listerine 1 Litre (Includes Total Care and Zero, Save $6) $6 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BIG W


Good price for a 1 litre bottle of mouthwash. Cheaper still using discounted gift cards.

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    • YOLO

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      That's a poorly written article…
      Anyway I did research at 3 or 4 other websites and they suggest mouth wash does not cause cancer.

    • Did you even read the article? They concluded mouthwash does not cause oral cancer.

      People like you probably just google 'Mouthwash causes cancer' and link the first result that looks like a scientific study. It is blatantly obvious you do not read whole articles, just the bits you want to see. Even more so you obviously have no scientific background, so stick with your Facebook 'news' and stop fearmongering people. Leave scientific studies to the smart ones please.

      • You didn't read it either - They confirmed previous findings that there is a cancer association for long-term frequent users of mouthwash with alcohol. A conflict of interest was also declared - Johnson & Johnson had partially funded the work - so if anything you would expect this conclusion to be downplayed as it could severely impact Listerine sales.

        • You can find associations between 2 completely random sets of data, doesn't mean they have anything to do with one another.

        • Actually I have, and that's why I know correlation does not equate to causation. Anyone with even a little scientific knowledge can tell you that.

          Also what you just said reinforced my statement. Since there is no definite conclusion, there is no proof. Instead there is just you assuming results are downplayed. Assumptions have no basis in science.

          • @Erkel: Furthermore, they didn't control for smokers, who are more likely to use mouthwash because of bad breath caused by smoking related xerostomia/dry mouth and also more likely to get oral cancers. The study is still useful as it gives some grounding for a cohort study on mouthwash, but it certainly doesn't in any way suggest that mouthwash causes cancer.

            Unfortunately, when science illiterate people read these types of things they don't know how to interpret, they see words like 'association' and immediately think it means causation.

  • Original is best

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    Salt water is cheapest and the best mouth wash.

  • Price beat with CW

  • I never buy Listerine - There are like 9999 copies of the original (exact same recipe) - The ALDI one is fantastic and it's always $4/L

  • Colgate mouthwash 1L selling at $5.39 with subscribe and save at Amazon

  • Did a price beat with Chemist Warehouse, $5.45 each

  • Lol the search results, 12: Acetone, 13: Weed Killer, 14: Metho, 15: Mineral Turps.

    Hmmm, don't know if these mouth washes cause cancer too.

  • Thanks Op! I just stocked up on these to make a foot soak for fungus.