NYC & East Coast for 21 Days - Suggestions Please

I'm seconds away from booking a trip to the USA, flying in and out of NY. The first 6 days in NYC and then open to suggestions from there. Leaving approximately 10/3/21.
Talking time of year into consideration, I'm interested in suggestions of which way to head for the remainder of the trip. Open to anything really…
2 adults, mid 40's.


  • Plenty of things to do around NY. I would suggest checking out the neighbouring cities along the Northeast Corridor - i.e. Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, New Haven…etc. all the way up to Boston. You could take the Northeast Regional train, which is around $50 USD pp. from what I remember to visit all of those places. If you're interested in US history, then this would be my suggested trip. Most of the most interesting bits of US history happened around these parts (as opposed to the west, which all came later).

    If you're a bit more adventurous, I would head towards Niagra Falls, might be able to visit Canada, Toronto and Montreal are both pretty easily accessible from NY. Might also be a good idea to head inland and check out the rust belt (e.g. Michigan/Ohio), then head towards Chicago.

    • Porter air are a budget Canadian airline that fly across the east coast of USA/Canada if you do choose to do this.

      Also, if you do want to do Niagara Falls I would highly recommend doing it from the Canadian side.

  • I'm seconds away from booking

    Let me know when confirmed so I don't waste my time explaining.

  • I'd suggest just staying 21 days in NYC. There is just so much to do.

  • I’ve been to NYC about 10 times, always in their summer, our winter.
    I love it but have spent nearly all of it in the city or headed for side trips to the Hamptons, Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, DC, Philly, Rhode Island, upstate NY these are all great in summer.
    Cos you are going at that time of year, I’d say go to Niagara or Toronto.
    Only cos I wish I had
    Where are u staying in NYC.
    I know a great hotel.