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Belkin 3.5mm + Charge RockStar (White Only) $34.95 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BIG W


Seems like a good price if you need this particular adapter and use case scenario.

Sells for $47-$50 elsewhere. There's a "CreUSA" branded adapter of this same type on Amazon AU for $8 with Prime however some reviews suggest it adds a noise to the audio. One reviewer says when compared, the Belkin doesn't have that extra noise.

Pay with a WISH gift card for a further 6% ($2.10) off.

Can someone please explain to me how to use Price Hipster? I tried searching for this item and it just linked to the one for $49.95 from JB Hi-Fi.

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  • I bought one. It makes scratchy sound if you listen to music while charging.

    • I looked at one yesterday but was swayed by AliExpress options considering the small number of times this was actually needed. If it’s scratchy then it’s no better than the cheapies?

      • Maybe! But try to buy then refund of not working

  • https://pricehipster.com/?q=Belkin%203.5mm%20%2B%20Charge%20...

    Top two results are your linked item - first for white, second for black.

    I just typed "Belkin 3.5mm + Charge RockStar" in pricehipster search bar

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      Black is for USB-C.

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    Lol imagine having to carry one of these ugly things around with you. The price we have to pay for Apple's "courage".

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    Where do I go to purchase Wish Cards at 6.0% discount?

    I have several places that give me 5.0% off the price, but I don't know where to go to get the 6% that you speak of, so please advise…..

    • PM sent. Please do not PM me for the details, please contact ssmith3104.

      • You shouldn’t have mentioned 6% then…

        • No I'm just not going to pass the details on X amount of times. I figure we'd set up a chain, like a referral thing. I though the 6% was common knowledge when I mentioned it in the deal details

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